Washed by the Indian Ocean from the south, by the Bali Sea of the Pacific Ocean from the north, Lobbok forms a part of the chain of the Lesser Sunda Islands, with the Lombok Strait separating it from Bali to the west and the Alas Strait between it and Sumbawa to the east.

Lombok is located on beautiful hills with bright green vegetation. It is worth coming here for unique landscapes: pretty exotic plants, wonderful sky, wild beaches, waterfalls, mountain slopes and the highest volcano Rinjani (3726 m) where trekking to the top lasts three days with some stops. Perhaps this island has rightly been described as one of the most beautiful corners of the planet.

There are three ways to get to this Indonesian island of Lombok: by ferry (6 hours) or by speed boat (1 hour from the port of Padang Bai). You can also buy a plane ticket and get comfortably in 40 minutes from the airport of Bali. The main city of Lombok Island is Mataram. It is the administrative center in the province of Western Nusa Tenggara where life is more active than in other regions.


Many buildings are under construction on the island, new hotels and beautiful villas are being built very rapidly. The main source of inspiration for architects who are specially invited by the owners is nature: villas are located in the most picturesque places of the island. Beautiful geometry, variety of bright and muted colors and natural materials create a relaxed atmosphere in villas which are often built near the coast or in the mountains.

Peaceful and calming scenery, giving you the option of views of the Indian Ocean, a private beach, several hectares of lush vegetation, the twittering of toucans and honey-suckers ... What else do you need to forget about the worries of the big world?

For whom

If you are looking for something new and wild then devote your vacation to the unbeaten destinations in Indonesia and visit Lombok. There is no active noisy life with nightclubs and discos. Residents of Lombok are quiet people following a rather ascetic lifestyle. Lombok attracts travelers by its authenticity so eco-tourism fans will be excited visiting the island they will definitely appreciate this calm place surrounded by beautifully preserved nature and the opportunity to get acquainted with the lifestyle and traditions of Sasak people. Most tourists come here for trekking to the Rinjani volcano or for beautiful desert beaches. The southern coast of the island attracts surfers, the western part is popular among fans of relaxing holidays on the beach.

Tourists often combine a trip to Gili Islands, which are 60 km away, with a visit to Lombok and vice versa. Experienced travelers have already found the way to have a balance between beach and outdoor activities.


Suitable for swimming the coastal areas of the island are quite extensive so they are never crowded. The beaches of Lombok have white, pink and gray sand and the ocean is quite calm on the west coast of the island unlike the strong waves in the south. Every traveler can make a choice to his taste.

Senggigi is the largest, most developed and most popular beach in Lombok where there are several beautiful beaches and bays. There are expensive hotels and chic private villas along the north coast and you can find modest accommodations with local restaurants, bars, massage centers and travel companies in the south. Drive to Senggigi beaches for a change of coastal scenery where the sand is almost gray, but nothing can stop tourists from enjoying happy moments that they arrived to the island.


Pink Beach or Tangsi is one of the beautiful pink sand beaches in the world that is located in the south-eastern part of Lombok Island. Its remote location and access to the beach still merit a mention and a place in your Lombok “ off the beaten track” bucket list.

Mawun Beach is an interesting drop-shaped beach that is surrounded by mountains. There is white sand and unusually blue water with a beautiful wave.

Tanjung Aan Beach is the most beautiful sand beach with a paradise landscape. There are sunbeds where you can have a meditative lie in the sun ordering food or drinks from the beach bar.

The top of the idyll is rest on Medana beaches with several small resorts and eco-lodges, were doing nothing in the vastness of nature is ready to fill up all days of your vacation.

What to do

Trekking is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon among foreign and local tourists. They go to Lombok specifically to make climbing Rinjani volcano, one of the most spectacular in Indonesia. No trekking enthusiast should deny the pleasure of going on a trip to see a huge crater with a lake, hot springs and an active peak of the volcano.


The view from the top of Rinjani always bring you delight and amazing emotions: on one hand, you can see the caldera, a depression formed by the subsidence of the soil as a result of a volcanic eruption where the sun rises, on the other hand, you will see the strait and Gili islands where the hot sunsets. Trekking routes start from the villages Senaru and Sembalun located at the foot of the volcano. The duration of the routes is about 2-3 days. Climbing tours to the Rinjani volcano can be booked in advance online at travel agencies in Bali, Gili Islands and on the beaches of Lombok, as well as directly at the trekking companies Senaru and Sembalun. Jungle covered with greenery, rocks and wonderful sunrises are attached to the trip.

When to go

Weather conditions in the mountainous and low-land areas in Lombok are quite different. There is a rainy season from October to April, the period from December-February has the greatest amount of precipitation in the form of torrential rains. The air temperature is comfortable 26-28 degrees and the water is warm about 25 degrees.

Entertainment & leisure

If you come to Lombok, you should go to Rinjani volcano, be sure to climb it and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature on the way to the top. The main feature of the ascent is the unique flora and fauna: such a riot of greenery can not be seen anywhere else and the views from the top open a beautiful panorama of the ocean and neighboring islands.

The most important thing is to take comfortable shoes and a camera for the best shots. If you have a three-day guided tour, you will definitely have something to be proud of and what to remember. Bas Rinjani Trekking offers excellent service and professional climbing tours. We strongly recommend to take a closer look at Rinjani Mission, a company has a good teamwork and gives a great trekking experience. No traveler remains indifferent to the authentic tours with Authentic Lombok Tours company.

There is a whole paradise for beach lovers. Take a boat trip to dive and explore the underwater world that is the most popular entertainment in Lombok after trekking. Wild fish, stingrays, turtles and other beauties of the ocean are at your service. Adventure Divers Lombok arranges great diving and boat trips.


The traditional small horse-drawn carriage Cidomo is used in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Lombok as an everyday transport they are used just for fun trips in tourist areas.

In Lombok you can live a life of local people and feel the rhythm of this amazing island. Sasak people live mainly on the island of Lombok, they are very similar in appearance and language to the Balinese but following a rather ascetic lifestyle. Residents of Lombok are rather restrained and a little wary people, not so smiling like people in Bali. If you want to know their religion better, you can visit some mosques on the island.

Islamic Center Mosque is a huge mosque that is situated above the city. It is allowed to enter inside only in appropriate clothing, and if you go upstairs with a guide you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Mataram and its surroundings - the whole town is on the line!

There is modest but very important sightseeing called Masjid Bayan Beleq on the way to Rinjani. This is the reconstructed first mosque and mausoleum of the imam who brought Islam to the island in the 17th century.

The local industry constantly has competition with the Balinese one which is much more developed so you can find goods at a nice price in Lombok. You may go shopping at a souvenir mall called Sasaku. However, if you're lucky, you can find local workshops and factories on the island that produce traditional weaving products and bags from palm leaves and rattan.

If you have not chosen suitable jewelry for yourself then it's time to do it. It's better to buy some pearl jewelry exactly in Lombok. Pearl cultivation is actively developed on the island so pay attention to minimalistic accessories or buttons. Pearls brought from your vacation can speak for themselves: they look great anywhere whatever you're wearing and they can also be a wonderful Indonesian souvenir.

Where to eat

Restaurants and local cafes have everything to gain favor with travelers. The national Indonesian cuisine is not as complicated as it seems to be but it always makes a great impression: delicious dishes are ready to express its freshness, simplicity, and benefits of products.

The chef in Shibui Garden Bungalows and Restaurant is clever with his hands when it comes to food. Double cheeseburger, Mexican tacos, beef burritos, all these dishes are definitely worth to try.

Lombok Lodge Flavors Restaurant invites you to enjoy wonderful moments of Mediterranean and Indonesian cuisine with the ocean view.

Asian cuisine lovers will find happiness at the table in the Taliwang Irama restaurant where you should try the signature dish called Taliwang chicken.

Absolutely amazing desserts and coffee are served in Delicio Bakery & Cafe, it's better to have a look at Kamila Risoles where you can not only have a bite but also enjoy music on Saturday evening. No doubt Maktal Coffee Bar makes the most delicious coffee on the island.

The modern Spice Lounge Bar and Restaurant serves delicious European and Indonesian dishes, as well as it offers a fusion menu. It has a pleasant atmosphere with music in the evenings, and a glass of tropical cocktail makes you fall in love with the sunset.

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