Lombok is a small island located to the East from the island of Bali. There is Lombok strait going between the islands as well as an invisible line called Wallace Line that separates two faunal worlds – Asian and Australian. It means that the fauna of these neighbouring islands differs extremely.

Lombok is translated from the Indonesian language as “chili”, probably it has got its name due to its outlines. About 90% of the population of the Lombok Island practice Islam. As a result, there is no wild night life in the island, no crowds of tourists or huge hotels, people say that the island is a copy of Bali as it was 60 years ago. The population is engaged in farming and fishery. The landscapes of the Lombok Island are astonishingly picturesque: humid tropical forest, evergreen, multilayer, difficult to traverse, is notable for its abundance in plant and animal species. The active volcano Rinjani is located in the North-East, this is the third highest peak in Indonesia.

Driving by charming small villages and rice fields, palm groves and banana plantations you get the feeling that you have got to paradise. Lombok attracts tourists with its secluded beaches, mountain hills, lakes and waterfalls. Your holidays will be enriched with beach and underwater sports – surfing and diving, float yoga, canoeing. For extreme lovers there are special spots where you can watch the life of tiger sharks, coral cat sharks and surely dolphins that are often seen in the coastal waters of the island of Bali. And for land extreme lovers trips to the peak of the Rinjani volcano are organised.

From the eastern side of the Lombok Island three fairytale coral islands of Gili are located - literally in 15 minutes’ boat ride. Each of these islands has its own character and for each its own admirers will be found

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