How to Buy a Villa in Bali

To buy real estate abroad, in particular in an environmentally safe island is not just an attempt to follow the fashion but profitable investment that will bring in financial gain and a world of positive changes in your life and in the state of your body and soul as well.

Due to the growing demand caused by favourable investment atmosphere and variety of real estate choice in Bali more and more advantageous offers of villas for sale appear with every year. We advise you not to hurry to make your choice but to get to know what the market is offering and to learn all the conditions of form of ownership and taxation law. Please remember that real estate purchase is a serious step, there is no rush really.

So, you have made a decision to buy a villa. What should you start with to make your dream come true?

Key stages of buying a villa in Bali are as follows:

If you purchase real estate in Bali you should trust professionals and let them deal with legal issues. There were some incidents that people were trying to save when choosing a lawyer and were facing fraud cases later on. Unfortunately, it is not a rare occasion and the same kind of peripety may take place in any country, even in “the island of gods”. Therefore we control every step of a transaction and advise you on any arising issues until the moment when villa is transferred to your possession. And only when we are completely sure that the land or the real estate does not have an alternative owner and all the documents are compiled according to the legislation of Indonesia, then we start to take further actions.