Located in the south-eastern part of the Bukit Peninsula in the southern part of Bali near the airport Ungasan is a pleasant resort in Jimbaran region, a great place for relaxing on the beach and surfing. It will also be suitable for fishing and gastronomic tourism. Ungasan is located between two districts of Pechatu and Kuta. And if you travel from one place to another, you will see natural and agro-cultural landscapes beautifully changing in your eyes. Vacationers see small cozy district with several good hotels, mini-hotels, guest houses and tiny shops with fruits and local food. It was a village exclusively for local fishermen some time ago and today it has become famous with the development of the region. There is active construction here and new villas with breathtaking ocean views constantly appear. More often they are hidden from prying eyes people can only guess about their existence by beautiful signs.

For whom

Ungasan is not accepted as an original tourist destination in Bali. Here you can meet a large number of Bali residents, the appearance of a foreigner in this area is certainly not uncommon but there are not so many tourists here as in other regions like Kuta or Nusa Dua. The area is more suitable for a long stay on the island as there are not many tourist attractions in this area you will have to go to other regions by taxi or take a guided tour.


Different categories of tourists come to stay in Ungasan. More often it is chosen by people who plan to surf and get on the board. This area can be an ideal choice for advanced surfers and it is better for beginners to look for beaches with a low wave. Someone is attracted to the region because of a good choice of villas where you can have a rest with your company and forget about the existence of an outside world. It is a good location for holidays with children there is a budget water park for local people and a modest amusement park with a Ferris wheel.

Where to stay


Definitely people come to Ungasan for surfing on the beach. This is a very popular place for beginners. There are not so many surf schools as in Kuta but there are companies providing lessons and renting equipment on any beach.


You can find good beaches here such as Green Bowl, Karma Beach, Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Padang Padang, Melasti where you can reach by motorbike or car. Many beaches are wild so there are not always sunbeds. You can take a beach towel and sunbathe on the sand. If you want a comfortable stay then you should pay attention to beach clubs. So, Sundays Beach Club is a great alternative to wild beaches in Ungasan. You are welcomed by this piece of paradise with a cable car to the beach, comfortable deckchairs, towels at the entrance and great music. Entrance to the club is 400,000 IDR which can be spent at the bar for food and drinks.

Find a beach to your taste and get your portion of pleasure under the sun. Each beach is unique in its own way: someone will like Dreamland with powder white sand and violent waves pounding the beach others will be impressed by the incredible access to Green Bowl with steps built on the steep cliffside landscape. No doubt, Melasti will be loved by ecotourism fans for the opportunity to admire beautiful landscapes and the power of the ocean. The access to the beach looks impressive - a crooked road between the rocks and unexpectedly collapsing emotions from the stunning panoramic view of the ocean. Karma Beach definitely makes a great impression on tourists with a cable car to the beach. Padang Padang is one of the few places in the south of Bali where you can enjoy both swimming and catching waves.

Bingin Beach has a picturesque coast surrounded by limestone cliffs. Balangan is an amazing place with a fantastic view and turquoise waves of the Indian Ocean that are ideal for surfing. The choice of beaches is endless, some of them are a true treasure of beach tourism.

What to do

The obligatory program does not include visiting restaurants that impress with their panoramic views. However, after having visited the OneEighty cliff club at The Edge Bali Hotel where you can sunbathe, enjoy a summer cocktail while lying by the pool with a transparent bottom hanging over the cliff you will not be disappointed. This true hedonist entertainment has not left any traveler indifferent.

When to go

You can relax here at any time of the year as the average air temperature is about 29 - 30 degrees and the water is warm 26 - 28 degrees.

Entertainment & leisure

You can be inspired by the beauty of GWK Park with your children on a sunny day. Here you will find peace and quiet heaven as well as the largest statue of Vishnu, the Balinese theatre, lotus lakes and huge venues where fairs, festivals and various national celebrations often take place.

Nirmala Waterpark is an absolute favorite for local children and their parents. It is a modest low budget park without adrenaline slides. Kids can visit it at least every day.

Adults will give their hearts to surfing on local beaches that can be reached in 10-15 minutes. You can spend days on the waves if you live in the world of extreme sports. Even if you are not a fan of surfboarding you can enjoy watching it on beaches such as Balangan, Balian where you will get a charge of summer mood and drive.

Local people usually wake up with the first rays of the sun and go to bed early, so there is no active nightlife on the streets in this region. When the sun sets all tourists head to night clubs where life is active. All famous night clubs usually belong to foreigners who live in a different rhythm and know what tourists need so they offer fashionable music for those who can’t sit still and beautiful views – it's all in one bottle.

El Kabron Bali is a center of attraction for guests where bartenders serve original Spanish cocktails and offer desserts with a fruity tropical aftertaste where visitors dance by the large pool to the best rhythms of music until the very morning.

Guests love sunsets and chill to the pleasant music in Single Fin where the fun on Wednesdays and Sundays does not stop until the sunrise.

It is better to spend your vacation on the terrace at Omnia Club that offers the best view of the last sunset. Having a glass of cool cocktail you can admire the night sky, ocean and remember the brightest moments of the last days and make plans to return to this island again. Parties in this luxury place usually take place with dancing at DJ sets from the most famous stars in electronic music. How little youth needs to be happy.

Where to eat

The restaurants along Jimbaran beach seem to serve the best fish dishes on the island and even with ocean views. Be sure to check Menega Cafe where the menu consists of dishes with fresh seafood. There are mussels, lobsters, grilled shrimps, red snapper, it is something!

Fusion of tastes and spices wait for gourmets at the Wildflour Cafe '& Restaurant which serves tuna tartare, signature burgers, delicious homemade squid pasta and a variety of tapas.

If you want to get acquainted with Indonesian cuisine, you should visit Warung Mazooka Bali and order Gurami fish in a sweet sauce. If you miss Thai cuisine, then feel free to go to Kat's Kitchen.

Pizzeria Italia offers the most delicious hot pizza which can be delivered to your hotel or villa via the Gojek app.

If you like Italian and Asian cuisine, be sure to choose time and come to Casa Asia. If you take a huge portion of pasta with tuna or pizza with gorgonzola, this place will become the most favorite one on the island.

You will definitely say: “Mama Mia!” You should book a table at the Mama Chew 360 Rooftop Jimbaran Seafood because only after your call they especially begin to purchase the freshest ingredients. The restaurant is located in a quiet little street, it is almost impossible to find it without google maps. It creates an amazing atmosphere of some kind of “secret place”. You should definitely try the Mama Chew crab. A huge plate of spicy Chili crab will win your hearts. And what great sauces they have here ... mmmm ... It's really as delicious as rumored!

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