Located in the southwestern part of Bali in North Kuta Canggu is a beautiful resort that has recently gained a reputation of the most fashionable place on the island. It is also one of the best locations for relaxing on the beach, shopping, surfing, practicing yoga and incredible gastronomic experience in healthy eating restaurants. This is a cozy village with some of the primary features of the city where there are still no sidewalks and public transport but this is exactly here where you can find some charm during your holiday.

For whom

Canggu is suitable for tourists of any age who are ready to enjoy good service, stylish establishments where style is important in any detail everywhere: restaurants, coffee shops, barbershops, boutiques, galleries, and beach clubs. The area is perfect for couples, families with children and solo travelers. Here you can meet a large number of Australians, Europeans, but Russian tourists are less found in this region. Due to the rather calm atmosphere with beautiful bright green Canggu is often chosen by foreigners who come to Bali for a long time, although there are also those who have come here for a couple of weeks to leave the noise of megapolises and devote their holidays to a non-banal rest.

Where to stay

Beaches in Canggu

Canggu is an attractive place for surfers and also famous for its beaches. There are suitable waves for going surfing, so you can spend time at the ocean even at night when the water is highlighted by special huge spotlights from the shore.

Visitors and Bali residents like to catch a wave in Batu Bolong. The blackest sand is on the Echo Beach where people come to go surfing, as well as tourists in search of beautiful views and in order to watch the sliding process from beach bars.

Pleasant Berawa beach is a godsend for sunbathers. Many tourists like its smooth descent into the ocean and sandy bottom with black sand due to volcanic components. Comfortable swimming is possible only at low tide but you can always go into the water knee-deep and wet your feet.

The coastline of Canggu is represented by wide 10-kilometer beaches with a large number of stylish restaurants with bright puffs and swings, favorite places for sunset. When ordering a cocktail at the beach bar sun loungers are usually provided for free and there are also comfortable showers to use at beach bars.

What to do

Visit Pura Tanah Lot, one of the beautiful temples of the island. It is located on a cliff that separates from the coast about 30 meters of water. This is one of the sacred temples of the island, which is under the protection of the UNESCO World Organization. You can visit the temple only at low tide and at high tide you can only admire the magnificent architecture and stunning panorama. Altars and ritual buildings intended for temple services are allowed to visit only for Hindus people. Tourists can walk around the temple complex and look from local restaurants nearby.


When to go

You can come on vacation or stay in this area for a long period of time at any time of the year as the average air temperature here is comfortable about 27 - 30 degrees and the water is warm enough 26 - 28 degrees.

Entertainment & leisure

Canggu nightclubs with their flashy shocking and unique style are a true source of inspiration.

Finns is a great beach club and at the same time a visiting card of nightlife on the island. It has been one of the most popular clubs in Canggu for many years. It is famous not only for its original building design, delicious cuisine, hookah but also for rocking parties. In the afternoon people come here to meet friends and spend time by the pool, have lunch, drink coffee or simply look through a fashionable surfing magazine enjoying the ocean on soft sun loungers and poufs. In the evening it's better to spend time on the dance floor to the beautiful lively vocal compositions, DJ sets, and electronic music. This is the most fashionable place for those who love pool parties. Entrance to the club is free, a deposit of 2,000,000 IDR (10,000 rubles) can be spent on food and drinks in the bar that are excellent here like everything in the club.


Deus is a very conceptual place that comes to life on weekends. It is always a pleasure to come to a concert, film screening or gallery, where you can find an interesting exhibition at any time. Live concerts of music groups in the open air, and then a great rave under cheerful funk and reggae till the first rays of the sun all this attracts not only hip-sets from Canggu but partygoers from all over the island.

Being the main club in Canggu Old Man’s is the most beautiful big outdoor bar decorated with painted walls by Lucas Grogan. As a cult destination for clubbing Oldman’s has gained fame for great parties. They do not have to follow a special dress code - a shirt, shorts, and a good mood will be enough. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays, you can give your heart to DJs who play incredible hits. You can enjoy funky, hip-hop, break, soul, boogie parties on Saturday! Everybody likes to come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner, make new friends and play table tennis. And furthermore, curious design markets with goods from local manufacturers are held at the end of each month on Saturdays.

La Brisa is the club that sets trends in beach fashion and music at Echo Beach in Canggu. The decor of the bamboo building with dance floors resembles a fishing harbor with sailors, pirates and treasure islands which is decorated with bohemian chic In addition to that, you can have a great dinner here. The restaurant is famous for its wonderful Mediterranean cuisine and magnificent sunset views. The drinks list includes beer, sangria, tropical fruit juices, exotic cocktails, and delicious homemade alcohol herb drinks. The fun does not stop until late night here.

This place was a real lawn with some mats and chilling guests with drinks bought from a simple truck. Opening directly on the black sand beach of Canggu, with the soundtrack of the waves rolling in, now the Lawn is undoubtedly one of the best beach lounges with a relaxed atmosphere that the Canggu can boast. With its daybed overload and stunning ocean views, everybody is set for all-day lounging with great service, relaxed atmosphere. There are huge umbrellas on a spacious lawn. During the day time, this beach lounge is for guests to share snacks and drinks by the pool. And in the evening you can order dinner from the freshest ingredients of the island in the casual dining area. Being the best sunset destination of Bali’s west coast The Lawn transforms into a night club with music and dances where you can enjoy live music on Saturday and Sunday and DJ sets on Friday.

The owners of Tamora Gallery planned to open a multifunctional gallery combining a variety of spaces under one roof: cafes, gelateria, coffee houses, boutiques, art workshops, and vocal studios. And they succeeded! Tamora Gallery is a lifestyle shopping arcade. There are a skateboarding area and a large playground for younger visitors where in the evenings they watch cartoons on the wall of one of the boutiques. Designer markets and concerts with live music are organized here at the weekends.

It’s comfortable to live with children in Canggu that has everything to keep them busy. Finns Club is a beautiful complex that brought together several institutions under the one name. Finns Recreation Park features a complete Fitness Centre including lap pool and sports ground, Tennis Centre, Splash Water Park, Bounce Trampoline Centre, Strike Ten Pin Bowling and Cubby House Kids Club and a football club with its own team of players. Offering Bali’s most stunning absolute beachfront location Finns Beach club offers another level of Beach Club Chic with beachfront beds, drinks, and music. Finns Beach Club and Finns Recreation Club provide free shuttles upon request. Undoubtedly, this is a great place to have a great time and keep your family busy according to their interests. Finns Recreation Club is Bali premier entertainment and sporting venue. There are children playrooms with a tutor.


Those who want to learn horse riding with their children they will appreciate the Bali Equestrian Center horse riding school.

The Garden Bali has excellent facilities for kids and children: two areas inside and outside with lots of good toys and games for children, as well as a beautiful garden with a playground. Purchasing a membership card you get a few free hours as a compliment. Here you can drop your child with teachers for an hour or more and enjoy a healthy lunch in the neighboring Sprout cafe. The level of style of this small restaurant is off the scale! The choice of dishes is surprising to feel endless delight. The staff of this tiny restaurant can be given a prize for the quality of work and service in the catering industry.

Where to eat

In Canggu you will find a variety of restaurants with a unique style because everywhere here they sing hymns to a healthy way of life and style.

Satu Satu is not just a cafe-bakery in the center of Canggu, it’s a bit more, a real coffee company that offers breakfast and lunch, fresh pastries, cakes, a variety of sandwiches including “Instagram serving” sandwiches, as well as the same aromatic coffee for which people come from the other end of the island.

Fine breakfasts are offered at Hungry Bird Coffee where signature pancakes are served with a cup of coffee. Granola with fruit and smoothie bowls are ideal for a morning meal. La Casita is a wonderful family restaurant with a kids zone full of toys.

Incredibly delicious food is at Secret Spot Health Café, it's a perfect place to visit for breakfast or lunch. Dishes at Peloton, a cozy restaurant with an incredible interior full of hanging bikes, are an exemplary illustration of the distinctive food experience like in a gourmet magazine.

Lacalita always serves giant margaritas, homemade hot jalapeno sauce. It's a great place to watch sunsets and enjoy delicious Mexican dishes.

Moana Fish Eatery offers a varied Polynesian and Asian menu with authentic interiors. Good location and parking make this restaurant convenient for a delicious seafood dinner. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by fish love and tuna carpaccio, fish burger, tuna bowl, tuna, and pineapple salad are worth to try here.

It seems hard to imagine that there are so many places to eat in Canggu where you get inspired with a large spoon and drink it with the most aromatic coffee. The choice of delicious eateries is beyond imagination.

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