Ubud is a small so to say cultural capital of the island of Bali. Bright infinite green terraces in the midst of the hills. This is an oasis of peace and tranquility, away from the coast life seems to be absolutely hasteless. For the lovers of Balinese painting and art Ubud is a real treasury. Discovered and chosen in the thirties by some European artists, this area is considered to be a real paradise on earth. Spies, Bonnet, Smit found shelter and abode of creation here and managed to influence the basics of local pictorial art and the development of culture. The opening of an art school by the Dutchman Arie Smit in the sixties is a striking example of that. Ubud became a retreat for many creative personalities who found in this place a source of inspiration and desire to create. In the unconstrained play of colors of Balinese pictures the nature itself is a model.

Holiday-makers are attracted by numerous museums and art galleries, the famous Neka Museum and Antonio Blanco Museum established in the house of the painter are among them.

There are not so many hotels in this small city but holiday-makers will always be able to enjoy staying at the most beautiful villas with unusual views to rice terraces, volcanos and mountain rivers. This is the atmosphere of absolute romance.

Ubud Gallery