The most mysterious and delightful with its beauty Amed region is located in the East of Bali Island about 100 km from Denpasar airport. Being one of uncrowded tourist attractions Amed consists of 7 different seaside fishing villages: Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas that span 14 kilometers lining the eastern coast of the island. 

The area is spread out on overgrown palm trees, ferns and banana trees hills where villages follow one by one along small bays. There are colourful places, picturesque narrow paths going deep into the island to the ancient temples, rice fields and beaches. 

In addition to the classic villas, tourists are offered to stay in cozy bungalows that strew the coast. Their interiors are made exclusively from natural materials in a relaxed rustic and boho-chic style. Many tourists love this authentic area for silence and meditation, as well as for the opportunity to get to the Gili eco-islands by boat or speed boat.

For whom

If you have not decided yet where to spend your vacations in Bali, discard this burden of responsibility and let the stars take on this hard work. And they recommend to take a good look at the East. Those who want to devote their vacations to maximum relaxation and recharge the batteries in remote areas in the lap of nature, it is better to go to Amed. Morning here is the perfect time to enjoy its idyllic beaches and the heavenly beauty of the calm ocean. There is almost no transport, noisy bikes and cars here. Just you and relaxation.


The Amed area is a perfect place for those who come to Bali for snorkeling and love to spend a lot of time on beaches with quiet waters. If you have dreamed for a long time of overseas destinations, you will feel good and calm in Amed with an unhurried village life, delicious seafood and juicy fruits. Amed is the area that may become your personal "place of power." Going snorkeling or scuba diving is ideal during the day time here. The perfect day ending after beach activities at the ocean is a relaxing spa ritual or walking at the sunset. Along the coastline there is a large number of viewing spots. The most popular and beautiful point for sunset is Sunset Point where there is a cafe with delicious drinks and stunning views of the ocean and Agung volcano.

Where to stay in Amed

Beaches of Amed

The beaches in Amed are mostly wild with black sand and pebbles, they are very clean and beautiful. A feeling of peace and tranquility complete your life every time you admire the calm ocean and coastal gulls. Transparent waters and a rich undersea world make Amed one of the most interesting places for diving and snorkeling. On some beaches you can rent a sunbed, but any way it is better to take a large beach towel for sunbathing with you. 

The most famous beach in this area is Jemeluk Beach, with beautiful views, clear calm waters, a coral garden, fish, an underwater temple and good local cafes along the coast with good parking for cars and motorbikes. You will also appreciate good places for snorkelling like Jemeluk Bay, Lipah Beach, Bunutan - Selang, Japanese ship, Pyramid, Reef.


What to do in Amed

Amed has been the pride of divers for a long time where there are many interesting locations for diving. If this remote area for water adventure lovers is on your travel itinerary, the Liberty wreck of the American ship, which is located in nearby Tulamben just a 20-minute drive away, is a must-see.

When to go

Amed is one of the driest areas in Bali. The climate here is much hotter and drier than in other parts of the island. The average air temperature is usually + 30-32, and the water is warm: about + 26-28 degrees.

Entertainment & leisure

Experts in diving are sure that the Indian Ocean is the second most popular destination after the Red Sea in matters of crystal clearness and diversity of the underwater world. If you are in Bali, visit Amed where you can find a huge number of dive centres and good points for diving. There is a considerable number of equipment rental offices, specialized dive shops that give the area a special traveler spirit. You can study in a group or take individual lessons with a professional instructor. For those who like safer snorkeling almost every hotel and diving school have a dozen boat trips where you can swim near the boat in picturesque lagoons.


If you want to have underwater excursion with a professional instructor, contact Amed Buddha Diving. You can get great underwater photo shoots as a pleasant bonus. Amed Shipwreck offers professional diving and beautiful locations, such as a Japanese shipwreck. The damaged ship attracts worldly-wise submariners. Thermoclines and strong currents are found at this site. Here you can see a huge variety of fish, shellfish, moray eels, stingrays, octopuses, rays and vibrant coral gardens as well as get good opportunities to meet beautiful huge turtles or reef tip sharks. Shrouded in secrecy of the underwater world Balinese traditions, amazing smell of fresh fruit, various tropical fish, slow ocean waves are gathered together here for adjustment to a relaxing island life. 

Where to eat in Amed

It is worth noting that local restaurants do not offer a wide range of gastronomic delights. In village eateries they usually have simple food, but fresh and natural. Warung Sabar is highly recommended for its fried fish with ginger, huge shrimps, fish on banana leaves with lemongrass and squid. Coconut Restaurant offers Asian cuisine and cocktails and you can just go to cozy Lipah Warung Restaurant for getting a chance to experience traditional food and for the best sunset.


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