Sometimes you want to escape even from a paradise island – you want a change of scenery, you want to unwind, or just to see new interesting places. The fastest and the most enjoyable way to do it is to visit the miniature cozy islands of Lembongan and Ceningan, two younger brothers of the island of Bali.

Comfortable speed boats leave every day from Sanur Port and in just half an hour they bring guests to the colourful bay with the funny name of Mushroom Beach. New arrivals are quickly snapped up by hulking semi-open pick-up trucks and are unhurriedly transported to villas, homey mini-hotels and quaint guesthouses.

The beautiful islands with their spicy exotic aromas literally overwhelm you with their uneventfulness and tranquility, which are so lacking in vibrant touristy areas of Bali. Here you won’t find noisy discos, clubs and megamalls, you won’t be stuck in a traffic jam for an hour, inhaling the exhaust fumes of hundreds of motorbikes and cars. Here you can take a stroll and ride a bicycle, reach the beach in a couple of minutes’ walk and snorkel one meter off the shore, observing the bright-coloured underwater world. Everything here is compact, snug, crisp and intense, like a tropical canapé on a thin wooden skewer.

Despite their small area, the islands offer a wide range of places where you can stay from one to several days or even months. These are little family homestays, guesthouses, boutique hotels, and private villas for rent of quite a high level of comfort and service, where you will be on top of the world due to the service, panoramic views of the ocean and picturesque surroundings. Along with the variety of places for accommodation, it won’t be difficult to find a café or a restaurant with inviting interiors and a pleasant menu. In some restaurants, tables should be booked in advance so as not to spoil the evening with a long wait and not to be late for an epic sunset.

What is there to see and to do on the islands of Lembongan and Ceningan?

Probably the most famous tourist spot is Devil’s Tears, where in almost any weather ocean waves violently crash against coastal volcanic cliffs, soaring waves to dizzying heights and splashing salty spray all around. But be extremely careful and stay away from the edge of the cliff – deaths of tourists are not uncommon there.

Canoeing through the mangroves, and snorkeling or diving in the coastal reef is also a favourite pastime of all guests. Everyone without exception will like this trip and it will only take a couple of hours but the impressions will last for a long time. You will get a chance visit Dream Beach and Secret Beach, seaweed farms in the strait between the islands, the famous bright yellow bridge, the zipline – a flight over an abyss in one of the hotels on Ceningan Island with a swimming pool and a bar over the ocean. Hire motorbikes or pick-up trucks at your hotel, or enjoy leisurely walks and explore the islands. We are sure you will find many interesting secret places that are not on the map of the islands’ attractions!