Located in the south-western part of the Bukit Peninsula in the south of Bali Island Balangan is a great place for surfing and popular for its high waves. Besides that it is a region with one of the most picturesque coasts of the island and recently it was quite wild and cut off from the rest of the world until this white sand beach was discovered by some Australian surfers. A small resort including only one small beach is successfully located in a bay surrounded by rocky cliffs where there is always a pleasant breeze for surfing and catching the most gorgeous sunsets in Bali.

For whom

Picturesque private villas with infinity pools and magnificent terraces with ocean views have turned this unique resort into a place of attraction. The natural beauty of the coastline is popular among tourists from all around the world who appreciate a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and privacy but at the same time, it's a perfect spot to catch waves. If you choose this area for living with a family and children it is better to go to the nearest Jimbaran beach for swimming where the waves are smaller and the coastline is wider. It would be an ideal place for families who appreciate playing on the beach building sandcastles with children.



There is not a large number of sunbeds and umbrellas along the Balangan coast. There are several beach bars, a toilet and a shower at the foot of the limestone cliffs which seem to “hug” the beach from two sides. The length of the sandy shore is small just a little more than half a kilometer of sand perhaps that's why this particular small beach attracts tourists who are not looking for bohemian chic.


Getting down the single stone stairs from the cliffs you can come to the water to escape from the hustle and bustle to spend a pleasant time alone with yourself or enjoy surfing. Due to the unusual topography rocky bottom with sharp corals and the reddish color of volcanic rocks that are visible at low tide this beach is sometimes called "Martian". At high tide when the water rises high enough and the wave height sometimes can exceed two meters the beach is completely flooded and becomes unsuitable for swimming. Definitely Balangan Beach is a wonderful spot for surfers and photographers who look for new locations. There are not many people here perhaps even for a moment you will feel like at home.

What to do in Balangan

Being in the tropical rainforests have long walks along village roads and turn your walk into a meditative practice. Look for Pura Balangan temple near the beach and the tiny Pura Celangi altar which is located on a cliff next to the observation deck to touch the local shrines or admire the beautiful views from here.

When to go

You may come on vacation or stay here for a long time at any time of the year the average temperature is usually approximately 29 — 31 degrees Celsius and the water is warm 26 - 28 degrees Celsius.

Entertainment & leisure

Excellent gentle waves from April to August invite you to enjoy surfing. A wonderful bonus to the beautiful beach is one of the most popular surf spots of the island. If you are a beginner and still feel insecure on a surfboard it's better to use the help of an instructor and choose the tide when the beach waves are smaller.


The Balangan Wave Surf School and Dawn Patrol surfing schools have a good reputation. Usually, they provide all the necessary equipment, sun cream, and cold water and some of them even offer a free shuttle service if you stay nearby. If yoga by the ocean is on your top list of activities on the island then it is worth trying classes and practicing asanas right on Balangan Beach. Lessons are held three times a day - in the morning from 7:30, 8:30 and in the evening before sunset at 17:00.

Where to eat

Many beach clubs such as Lucky Wins Beach Lounge suggest shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops as the basis of their dress code giving tourists the opportunity to relax and feel like at home for a short time. A visit here can be a good alternative to sunbeds on the beach as you may not only have lunch but also spend time by the pool with a stunning panoramic view of the ocean. The democratic atmosphere in local restaurants by the beach like in Froggy's Warung invites to enjoy local food, relax from the glamour and focus on watching the surfers. Mexican cuisine at Cafe La Pasion received a specific commendation for its big plates with tasty food they provide. The restaurant has its own special atmosphere and boasts a number of unique advantages like stylish interior and live music with DJ sets.

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