Balangan is a settlement on the south of Bali located just in 20 minutes’ drive from the airport. A lonely road to the beach, where you will meet up with some cars and motorcycles but very seldom, will be perfectly suitable for those who love enjoying landscapes and taking photos.

The beach of the same name is considered to be one of the best in the Island. It is located in a lagoon and all of its coastal part is covered with green colour rocks. Moreover, there are lots of small restaurants on the beach from where you can watch magnificent sunsets.

Balangan Beach is cliff-rimmed and the view that opens up from the cliffs is just incredible. Very likely that this is one of the most popular places for conducting wedding ceremonies and photo shoots. The majority of people come here not for swimming only but to enjoy surfing as well. Balangan is an excellent place for surfing, the waves are big and smooth and there is a just a few holiday-makers compared to other beaches of Bali.

Balangan is famous for its infrastructure: supermarkets, Nirmala is one of them, where the choice of foodstuff, household goods and souvenirs is quite big, there are many automated banking machines, Italian, Mexican, Thai and – for sure – Balinese cuisine restaurants. This part of Bali is also well-known by a vast number of cozy snow-white villas that are hidden among the hills and have a stunning view of the ocean.

It takes not more than half an hour by taxi to get to Kuta or Seminyak and to fish restaurants of Jimbaran it is just a 20 minutes’ drive.

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