Located in the south-western part of the Bukit Peninsula, famous for its beautiful beaches Dreamland is perhaps one of the most picturesque places in Bali where you can relax from the bustle of the city and listen to the sound of the ocean. It is definitely worth to come here for a golden tan and spend all day lying in the sun.

For whom

If you come to Bali for rebooting let happiness gain the situation: you deserve it - such a soft, comfortable and seductive place under the sun by the ocean - for as many hours as you like!

Dreamland will be loved by those who come to Bali for beautiful pictures on their cameras on the beach with white sand and beautiful azure water. This place constantly attracts professional photographers searching for new locations they find an inexhaustible source of inspiration in ocean waves for their best photoshoots. Besides, that people come here to enjoy spending time on luxurious green golf fields honing their skills with a club.

Where to stay in Dreamland


Dreamland is a region with the eponymous beautiful sandy beach and big waves so it is better not to come here with small children. The tourist profile indicates that most visitors are either tourists who come here for their best photos just for one day or guests of luxury hotels and golf clubs. On the beach, you can lie on the sand as well as you can rent a sunbed with an umbrella. There are small sea restaurants nearby. The best way to get to the beach is to go by car or take a special shuttle that runs from the nearest hotels.


Dreamland is also a lovely oasis of outstanding, luxurious facilities for a good suntan and relax by the infinity pool with best ocean views. A bon vivants delight awaits you as in Klapa Beach Club as at the hotel with the same name. After having excellent service with a wide variety of entertainment, complimented by a large range of leisure facilities you will understand why a fashion for swimming in the pool is becoming popular among tourists in Bali - high-class comfort, great music, refreshing cocktails in the bar and no saltwater and sand in the swimsuit. You will have to spend good money on the entrance fee, but it's worth it.

What to do

You're supposed to make a wish throwing a small coin into the ocean to return to this paradise again. Who knows maybe this magical Bali ceremony will make your dream come true soon.

When to go

Tourists from all over the world come here for beach vacations and beautiful ocean views throughout the year as the average air temperature here is about 29 - 31 degrees and the water is warm 26 - 28 degrees.

Entertainment & leisure

Golf clubs in Bali is a particular genre of entertainment with modern facilities for both rich Indonesian people and discerning travelers from other countries. Their members are a special caste of people, wealthy and often privileged. They choose this region due to their love for green fields with gorgeous panoramic views of the ocean. Do not miss the opportunity to try your hand and compete with experienced players in the tournament or enroll in a golf course for beginners. Even if you have never held a club in your hands the New Kuta Golf Course is ready to give you some golf lessons.

The cost of packages is different, Spending 700 USD you will get special shoes, clubs for rent and a personal caddy, a personal assistant whose duties include moving sports equipment and help with tips, and a nice bonus as a dinner at a golf club restaurant. The food with fresh products is delicious and a little pretension never hurts anyone.

Not far from the coastal zone there are several surf schools not far from the coastal zone and you will find small offices for renting surf equipment on the beach. You won't definitely be bored if you take a surfboard and try to catch ocean waves.

Dreamland is not as developed as other regions of the island as it is located at a distance from the main civilization. However, it is exactly here where luxurious and grand parties are often held where it is not so easy to get into, and wedding ceremonies for celebrities are organized.

Where to eat

Dreamland is not just a region of Bali it is a magical world of water with beautiful waves, green golf fields and local cuisine with the smell of lemongrass, one week off on the island is not enough to believe this reality.

You can find restaurants providing a varied menu as in other regions there is a good opportunity to spice up your life in Bali with a new view. If you want to try Balinese cuisine, you should visit Dreamland Beach Warung or the best Klapa restaurant with a gorgeous view of the ocean, try right spring rolls or order a glass of wine with snacks in one of the best Spanish restaurants El Kabron Bali.

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