Dreamland is one of the newest and well-planned parts of the Bukit peninsula, it is located in the South-East of Bali. On the way to the beach a fabulous valley, a park area with alleys and golf courses greet you and the locals work every day to make it look even better.

The name of the beach speaks for itself, Dreamland is “the land of dreams”. The azure shore with dazzling and soft sand, under water it is surrounded with coral reefs, hinged cliffs and big boulders around the beach maintain the atmosphere of coziness. For party-goers there is “a piece” of their dream as well – a trendy bar and club with a swimming pool on an open platform was recently built on the high cliff where you can enjoy an incredible view of the setting sun that goes down right into the ocean. You can rent a beach chair and an umbrella on the beach or to hide away behind a cliff, swim and relax on the sand having a feeling that the beach belongs to you only. Dreamland is highly recommended for sportsmen, that is for sure, as it is a wonderful place for surfing and bodyboarding.

Dreamland Gallery