Drive south for a change of coastal scenery where the sand is pearly white and the terrain wild and rocky. Situated in the southwestern part of the Bukit Peninsula in the South of Bali Island Bingin is one of the main Bali heritage in addition to temples and numerous ceremonies. It is a hidden gem with a beautiful local beach that has received its rightful attention and now leans towards a surfer's must in south Bali. Bingin Region does not need any advertising stamps and compliments. It's a small resort including only one tiny beach but what a beach!

Bingin with its high waters is a great spot for surfing. And amazing views come as a pleasant addition to the vacation. Any doubts will leave as soon as you are welcomed by the beauty of nature with its rocks, powder white sand, and rough waters. Be sure you will fall in love with Bali at first sight.

For whom

Sad predictability of tourist trips or independent exploration of wild beaches? This area is ideal for ocean lovers. Bingin offers a real back-to-nature experience with endless walks by the ocean, watching the beauty of waters and the waves rolling on the rocks. This region is more than just a beautiful location it is the best place to escape from the bustle of noisy cities on vacation choosing going surfing as a full reboot. Surfers come to catch waves here and prefer to stay just a few steps from the beach. There are some surf hotels and guest houses to any taste at the coast. Those who can afford to stay in a villa with the most stunning view do not even hesitate!


If you choose Bingin for living with a family and children it is better to choose a special time for swimming checking the wave schedule. Lying in the sun on the sand with kids, squinting in the bright sun, digging feet in the wet sand it is a great deal of joy!


Hidden behind rocks Bingin Beach invites tourists to enjoy the beauty of the nature with azure waters and powder sand as from a magazine picture. There are no special sunbeds and umbrellas on the coast but no one's confused this is a completely different scenario without luxury and glamor but with its originality and romance. To access the beach, you'll descend via the steps built on the steep cliffside landscape that is truly irresistible to take some photos on the camera. It's a 180-degree panoramic view that guarantees unusual impressions even to that kind of travelers who are old with wandering.

What to do

Do not forget that vacation is a restoration of strength, a reboot of the mind, a transformation of the body and soul which gives a complete rest. Let happiness take you for this moment and feel free to show your emotions - take a lot of pictures, take a selfie, dance on the beach, laugh and eat plenty of fresh seasonal fruits that you can only find in local markets. Remember that you, your vacation and your emotions are priceless!

When to go

It does not matter what season you want to come to Bali the average air temperature is about 29 - 31 degrees and the water is always warm - 27 - 28 degrees.

Entertainment & leisure

Bali has become the second home for photographers from around the world for a long time both literally and figuratively. They constantly return to this island in search for new photo project locations. Surfing is a great addition to the beautiful photoshoots on Bingin Beach which you should definitely plan. If you are a beginner and just take your first steps on the surfboard then take a few lessons from local teachers or contact a professional school. There are lots of well-experienced instructors and there are even more opportunities to surf.

Where to eat

Fried rice with seafood or fresh grilled fish cooked in special oil is a favorite dinner for surfers in a beach eatery after a busy day spent on the surf board. Try living a surfer's day and you will definitely enjoy it. Choose any warung on the beach and it will be a great place for chilling with a cool cocktail in a hand enjoying the ocean and sunsets. And if you want something more the choice of restaurants and cafes in the area is quite good.


If you want to have dinner at the Lucky Fish Seafood BBQ you need to overcome the magical 100 steps to go down to the beach. It is worth it if you wish to try seafood and grilled fish with a gorgeous sunset view for a very pleasant price. Here you can choose a table on the beach or watch the sun going down into the ocean from the second floor of the terrace.

The Cashew Tree is loved by healthy food lovers and nutritionists. You can come here for having breakfast and try the Budha Bowl, drink decent coffee of Italian grinding Illi, order delicious tasty desserts. The dessert card consists of more than 15 gluten-free dishes and all of them have a divine taste. The food is really impressive!

Focusing on the heartiest dishes from French cuisine Blueseed, a cozy and quiet restaurant, brings mouthwatering french food to Asia. They also serve a delectable selection of Indian, Thai food. And besides that, there is a nice wine bar. Everything here is thought-out to the very smallest detail: an interior with retro lamps, wooden furniture, unusual dishes, and plates. The atmosphere disposes to long dreaming talks and meeting friends. And the French chef promises to update the menu regularly. It is worth to check it!

Tourists come to have a delicious dinner to Casa Asia Restaurant Bingin. It's a heaven for those who love Italian food - delicious carpaccio with tuna and beef, wonderful focaccia and pizza. The menu is much tastier than in Rome!

If you are an Italian cuisine lover you should know that excellent pannacotta from passion fruit, delightful tiramisu are served at Filini Restaurant. This is a high-level restaurant with excellent service and incredibly delicious food. And the staff is very good at singing “Happy Birthday!” on special occasions.