Luxury and seclusion in Bali, the beaches of Seseh and Cemagi

If you ask those who have already been to Bali a number of times what district they recommend for a vacation, then the set of answers will be almost the same: Nusa Dua, Bukit, Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud, and Canggu. These are popular districts with developed infrastructure.

Today we would like to tell you about an area for those who do not enjoy the hustle and bustle and a large number of people, prefer secluded places, but with the opportunity to quickly reach civilization with its many restaurants for every taste, chic Spas, fitness centers and parties.

Just behind the bustling Canggu district, a quieter and more measured life begins, with a traditional way of a Balinese village. There are green winding streets, many home temples, blooming frangipani trees and the smiling locals. The area from Seseh Beach to Cemagi Beach has just recently started developing as a tourist destination. Here you can find all the colours of Bali: black sand and rocks, green fields and jungle, orange tiled roofs and deep blue ocean.

To the left, there’s Pererenan Street, where many cafes of all kinds are still present, and a popular surf spot. To the right, the ancient Tanah Lot Temple guards Bali from the evil spirits of the ocean. Visitors come here for luxury and relaxation. They are offered a large selection of magnificent villas for rent, with designer interiors and friendly staff. You can enjoy the silence in this remote area located away from busy roads. Moreover, you will hear birds’ songs and the rustle of green rice fields.

There is Udara Bali yoga and Spa centre next to Seseh Beach. The resort is proud of its graceful bamboo buildings with ocean views, a vegetarian restaurant, cacao ceremonies, meditations, a sauna, and several pools. It is worth coming here for the whole day to take care of your body and truly relax. Or you can go to the beach at sunset and have a walk admiring the waves and the ocean stretching beyond the horizon.

Bali is changing every year, it is developing and new buildings are under construction. On the one hand, we are happy about it, but on the other, we want the authentic atmosphere and the nature of Bali to remain intact. After all, this is why people fall in love with the island and are ready to come here again and again. We will find you a villa for rent in Bali, taking into account all your wishes. We will also help with the choice of the district to stay not only from the list of the most popular ones, but from the secret gems of the island that are not yet widely known.

We, the I Love Villa team, specialize in exclusive holidays in private oceanfront villas on the island of Bali. We will arrange everything for you from a visa to a nanny for your child, a chef, or interesting excursions. We sincerely love the island and know all its secrets because it is our home.