It would be no exaggeration to say that the best quiet region is located very far from active life at four-hour drive from the airport. Being one of the tourist destinations that are not crowded Lovina consists of small cozy coastal fishing villages that stretch along the northern coast of the island.

The region is situated on beautiful hills with bright green vegetation where you can find bananas, mangosteen, rambutans, papaya, tangerines, and mango trees. Here are colorful streets and beaches with black sand. Thanks to the location you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the sea from the hills and see the port with seagulls soaring above it. Panoramic windows are the hallmark of many modern villas and hotels located in Lovina. Many tourists love this authentic region for silence and meditation.

For whom

Let's go off the beaten track and spend holidays in less-travelled destinations in Bali. The incredible atmosphere of the private resort invites keen travelers from all over the world to feast their eyes on breathtaking natural views and experience diving, snorkeling and take the opportunity to swim with dolphins. There is no active noisy life with nightclubs and discos. More tourists come here in July and August. The rest of the year is quite calm.


The conflicting idea that the rest in the north of Bali must be boring is really outdated. Of course, going somewhere outside this area is difficult because of the remoteness from the center of the island. However, the local resort is considered to be a wonderful place for a quiet meditative rest with good service where people come for yoga retreats and fitness tours. Spend more time in nature with perhaps the freshest air and remember that these days can radically change your life and improve your health.

Perhaps you decide to travel alone to make peace with yourself and the world. To make a stop for a breather, a short moment to yourself will be quite comfortable in Lovin where you will like walks by the sea, admiring the nature if there is a plan for a real escape from troubles and worries in your head.


Where to stay


Lovina, it's is hot sea, dolphins and a beach waiting for tourists. There is black sand on the beaches and the ocean is quite calm unlike strong waves in the south of the island.

The most famous beach in this region is Lovina Beach with beautiful views, clear calm water, fish and good local cafes along the coast with parking for cars and motorbikes.

What to do

Lovina has become a source of pride in Bali island. People come to this remote area especially to see dolphins and have an amazing experience that gives the thrill and joy of interaction with friendly dolphins Bali. Dolphin therapy literally means swimming in a pool with dolphins in close contact with the mammals. Proponents of such procedures claim that it helps to fight against some symptoms of mental and physical disorders, especially neurological disorders, autism and Down syndrome.


Moreover, it is believed that dolphin therapy helps relieve pain from spinal injuries, get rid of muscle paralysis and defeat depression. There is even a special hotel called Melka Excelsior Resort Hotel with dolphin pools at its territory in Lovina. They invite tourists for dolphin performances with these cute animals, moreover, you can swim with dolphins and take a ride. Early in the morning, they organize small group tours to the sea to observe animals: swimming and dolphin games are always exciting.

When to go

The temperature in Lovina is usually + 28-30 degrees and the water is warm about 26-28 degrees.

Entertainment & leisure

This region is not interesting for surfers because of the lack of big waves. The main activities in Lovina are diving, snorkeling and dolphin watching. It is also ideal to have a walk along beautiful long beaches or explore the surroundings by bicycle or motorbike.

If you want an underwater excursion with professionals then you should pay attention to good centers like Malibu Dive Lovina or Arrows Dive Center Bali which offer day trips for snorkeling and exploring the beautiful island of Menjangan. Zen Dive has an excellent team that helps with diving and gives the most valuable recommendations during diving so it is satisfactory in every way.

Going on a boat excursion and seeing dolphins is the most popular attraction in Lovina. There are as many boats as tourists on the beaches, especially in the morning. The tour cost with breakfast is about 100,000 IDR.

In Lovina you can live a life of local people and feel the rhythm of this region. There are several bars with billiards and live music on the beaches and some restaurants offer Balinese dance performances.

Cock fights in Bali attract a lot of gambling people. Local residents pay special attention to their preparations and bet on rather large amounts.

Situated nearly everywhere on every street local spa centers open their doors to those who love to relax and are ready to immerse into a world of 'sensory deprivation'.

There are beautiful Banjar Hot Springs about 10 kilometers to the west from Lovina, its territory looks like a lush garden with natural water baths. You get used to that kind of specific smell of sulfur that does not disturb the visitors' peaceful enjoyment of the place. Hot springs are open early and work from 7 am to 6 pm. The entrance fee is only 6000-7000 IDR. There are a few people here and the atmosphere allows you to have to good rest and relaxation.

It's a good idea to go to a local water park with your children. Krisna Waterpark offers good water slides, a boomerang, a lazy river, and a pool. There is an amusement park called Krisna Fantastic Land where you can enjoy views from its Ferris wheel.

Where to eat in Lovina

Many tourists prefer restaurants with direct access to the beach then the Spice Beach Club will be a great discovery for them. Here is a European menu with dishes from fresh products and quite good quality. There are brunches during the day where you can only pay for drinks and beverages. A nice pool and beach towels are provided as a pleasant bonus.

Buda Bakery & Resto invites travelers to enjoy their aromatic pastries and desserts: rolls, croissants, bread, Indian sweets which can be bought on the ground floor of the building and if you go upstairs you will take a table at a terrace with an amazing panoramic view of the mountains. The menu has a selection of different dishes: from seafood to chicken in green curry. And don't forget to try drinks be sure beverages ginger mint milkshake doesn't disappoint!

In Lovinalife room & cafe you cannot only have meals but also stay for a night. The hotel decor focuses on natural styles and you feel that it is more than just a beautiful hotel with a pool when you want to take a pic and push the photo camera button. Guests are given a guided tour to the sea to watch dolphins.

Secret Garden restaurant is a absolutely stunning and hidden place from prying eyes. It offers travelers to enjoy wonderful moments of Mediterranean and Indonesian cuisine. The atmosphere is pleasant jazz and blues are played in the evenings and the food is so delicious that it makes you fall in love with the chef.

Vegetarians will find happiness at a table in the restaurant Akar cafe Lovina where there are delicious healthy: sunshine salad, grilled eggplant, omelet with spinach, falafel, Indian samosas.

Cafe Greco is a heartwarming cafe perfectly blending European cuisine and a stylish interior. The true flavor of Mediterranean food with Asian notes and delicious impressions will definitely stay with you for many years of your life.

Warung Ayu Food & Drink invites diners to join a culinary journey through Indonesian cuisine. Guests are recommended to try Nasi Campur and dishes with fresh seafood or grilled fish - this is a real signature style of relaxation on Bali island.

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