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Web: www.ilovevilla.com

I Love Villa staff is not just a tourist services sales team that sits in the office and draws information about the country from the maze of Internet. Every one of our employees set out to his first journey some time ago and since then it has become not just an adventure but his most natural way of life.

Every country, every island, every path we have seen with our own eyes and explored on our own feet – and now we can safely recommend them to you.

We faced a wide variety of problems – starting with visa and housing issues to more global ones such as opening and registration of private business, for instance. We were exploring the possibilities, we were lost, we were meeting obstacles and as a result we have gained valuable experience which we are happy to share with our guests now.

That is why we are so sure in the quality of the service we provide.

Are you planning to come to Bali – the island of gods? Or does Cambodia attract you with its mysterious ancient temples? Have tropical islands of Thailand been explored yet? Or do you want to become absorbed in a gastronomic tour of Vietnam? Or to get your share of adrenalin at “Formula 1” in Singapore? To learn to dance flamenco in fiery Spain? Or to visit the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul? Let the keen professionals be engaged in arranging an excellent journey for you.

If you are dreaming of a solitary bungalow on the coast of the Indian Ocean or you are seeking to hide away from other people’s eyes in a private villa with all the modern conveniences in the jungles of Bali, the only thing you need to do is to speak out your wish – and we will make it come true.

I Love Villa team will become your personal genie that comes out of the lamp and the genie’s power is limited by your imagination only.

All the proposed types of accommodation have been carefully selected from the bulk of offers. Moreover, you can see new villas, houses and apartments appearing in our portfolio every day. The employees of I Love Villa do not sit still, they always keep track of events and that is why they are the first to find the most advantageous offers of villa rental and sale, the ones that come directly from the owners.

We are trying to expand our destinations to be always able to predict your ideas of new routes that are not explored yet.

Travel according to your own rules. Make a step forward to independent travelling and discover this amazing world.