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One of the main points of concern for travellers is choosing the right accommodation. After all, it is obvious that a comfortable stay largely depends on where to reside during your vacation. We will handle this difficult task for you. Our company offers villas for rent that should become your cozy home for the time of your stay.

I Love Villa is a company officially registered in Moscow with representatives in Bali and Thailand. We issue all the necessary documents providing you with rental property abroad, we make all settlements through the company’s bank account.

If you dream of a secluded bungalow on the shores of the Indian Ocean, or you want to stay out of the public eye hiding away in a private villa in the heart of Indonesia, or to plunge into the culture of mysterious Turkey settling in a private mansion with an oriental flavor, the only thing you need to do is to make up your mind and we will try to make your dreams come true.

We Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

Thanks to constant search and improvement, a stock of practical information and communication with our guests, today we know and are able to predict our guests’ preferences. You just need to write about your wishes and describe the idea and we will select a villa that suits your requirements.

If you are looking for the perfect place for a yoga tour, we will find a spacious villa in a solitary area with a large garden and comfortable terraces for practicing. If a wedding is to take place, then we will choose a villa of a sufficient size with an exceptional view of the ocean. If you are planning a vacation with small children, then we will offer a villa with a children’s room equipped with all the necessary accessories and a children’s swimming pool. Our catalogue contains villas and complexes of villas, houses, bungalows, and even castles.

Absolutely for free, but with care and responsibility we will select the accommodation option that is right for you.

We Love What We Do

We are really happy people as we do what we love. All the options that we offer have been carefully handpicked from quite a big amount of proposals. Every day new villas, houses and apartments to rent abroad appear in our catalogue. We are watching the situation closely and therefore we are the first to find the best villa rental offers.

A Responsible Approach to Your Comfort

Over the years, we have compiled a well-tried catalogue of rental villas abroad. We evaluate each and every villa or a house as if we were choosing it for ourselves. Before a villa is approved and posted on the website, an I Love Villa employee goes to inspect it in order to personally verify the condition of the villa, the availability of the necessary equipment, its good working order, compliance with the claimed characteristics, cleanliness and a number of other criteria.

Our Advantages



Thanks to our extensive experience, we know exactly how to choose the right accommodation for a comfortable stay. We pay attention to the details that you might not even know about.



We provide round-the-clock support to our guests seven days a week. At the first meeting, a representative of I Love Villa company talks about the main issues that might be important while staying in the country where you are vacationing, about the nuances of property rental abroad, about the culture of the country and rules of conduct.


A Virtual Visit to the Villa

We are pleased to offer our guests the opportunity to see the villa before their arrival. Upon request, we send a video review of the villa our guests are interested in so that they can personally make sure that the villa meets their expectations.



Many guests, having contacted us once, have become our favourite regular customers.


No Intermediaries

We work directly with property owners.



We offer additional discounts depending on the period of property rental abroad.

Our Geography

We currently offer villas for rent in the following countries:



over 600 villas



over 250 villas



over 300 villas



over 150 villas

We offer one-stop service and comprehensive support. With our help, you can easily book a villa, moreover, you can resolve any issue and spend your vacation on the island most comfortably and with no worries.

We comply with the privacy policy. All personal data of our guests is processed in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law.

Our Mission

We realize how precious every day of your vacation is and therefore we prepare for it as carefully as you do. We strive not only to help you book the villa of your dreams but also to create the most comfortable conditions so that you could relax and not think about details.

Travel by your own rules with our help!

Company Details

I Love Villa - LLC Bali Almanakh

Adress: 108836, Moscow, 

Novovatutinskiy Prospekt, 10

Bank Name: Tinkoff Bank

Account Name: LLC Bali Almanakh

Account Number: (USD) 40702840510000014141


Phone: +7(495)727-87-16 

Email: natalya@ilovevilla.com


For general emails:


Web: www.ilovevilla.com