Lifestyle of this area can be defined by the words “fashionable” and “trendy”. This is a Balinese resort area of the upper class where everyone will find something for himself. Regardless of the close proximity of noisy and wild Kuta life here goes by according to its own rules and regulations. Even the beach itself differs from the others as day and night differ from each other. The sand is clean and white, there are no crowds of Australian teenagers, surfers and souvenir sellers navigating the streets. However Seminyak might be recommended as a holiday destination both for young people and families of any age group.

The most stylish parties and get-togethers of the island are held in Seminyak Beach. Such clubs as Ku De Ta and Potato Head are world famous. Just imagine yourself enjoying bohemian atmosphere with a glass of champagne when the setting sun caresses your skin. Walking along the main street now and then you can feel the tempting and appetite-provoking smell from the kitchens of first-class restaurants with immaculate service. Next-door to the restaurants where all the cuisines of the world are represented there are designer shops, boutiques and art galleries that are not less fascinating.

As for accommodation in the area of Seminyak, the best villas are located here. Surely these are luxury villas, “smart” villas and the most comfortable apartments of the island of Bali.

Seminyak Gallery