Kerobokan is located in a lavish and fruitful land that makes the area around your villa emerald in colour. Kerobokan may be compared to the neighbouring little villages of Canggu and Umalas. This part of Bali is an ideal compromise for holiday-makers, here you can have a tasty meal in any of the restaurants, enjoy a sunset on the beach with a glass of cocktail in your hand and if you are missing bright lights of Balinese night life, Seminyak Beach is just a stoned through away. Due to its location Kerobokan allows us to get pleasure from the “two worlds” prevailing in the island of Bali at the same time – the one that grants tranquility accompanied by crickets’ hubbub and ears of rice rustle and the other one giving unforgettable roaring Seminyak nights.

Basically Kerobokan is a cluster of private villas equipped according to the state-of-the-art technologies, stunningly designed and having a magnificent garden and a swimming pool.

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