Located in the south-western part of Bali it is a short drive from the airport by car. Kerobokan starts where Seminyak ends. It is an amazing place with beautiful shops and souvenir outlets, a paradise for interior design lovers. The area perfectly combines vibrant daytime life and silence after sunset, beautiful nature with rice fields and proximity to night clubs in Seminyak and Canggu.

For whom

Kerobokan is not a popular tourist destination that is on the top list of a Bali traveler. Here you can meet a large number of local residents and the appearance of a foreigner in this region is certainly not uncommon. Tourists come here to make a wonderful shopping in designer outlets or boutiques where there is a huge number of interior items and any stylish kitchen sets for home design. There are not many attractions in this area and you will have to go to other regions by taxi or take a guided tour. Different categories of tourists come to live in Kerobokan they are attracted by the good location: proximity to the beautiful beaches of Seminyak and Canggu, night clubs of Kuta. More often it is chosen by people who have not yet identified the type of vacation they came for. Someone plans to go surfing and get on the board, others will be interested in nightlife or they really need to be close to nature and possibly get to know religion and visit Indonesian temples.

Where to stay


There are no beaches in this area, therefore if you want to spend time on the sand, it's better to go to neighboring regions like Seminyak or Canggu which can be reached in 10-15 minutes by car or bike.

What to do

To visit an interior outlet or furniture store in Kerobokan is a kind of entertainment for a true art lover. Nobody was left emotionless by beautiful wooden furniture, home decoration, mirrors in massive frames. The regional nature of teak is Indonesia so Asian business people have been growing it on special plantations. This exclusive material is used in Bali for the production of furniture: lounge chairs and sofas, bench swings and sunbeds, tables and chairs, whatever it is it all looks original and catchy. It’s worth to take a closer look and choose something exclusively for yourself.

When to go

You can come and stay here at any time of the year the average air temperature is about 29 - 30 degrees and the water on the nearest beaches in Seminyak and Canggu is warm - 26 - 28 degrees.

Entertainment & leisure

There are many extraordinary interior boutiques combining boho style with premium furniture and accessories you can find everything that keen travelers are looking for. Many shops and furniture stores create an atmosphere that inspires people to make the design of their own interior. Some artisan shops grow and develop turning their spaces into interior galleries.


If you want to get acquainted with the traditional art of Bali you should visit Geneva where you can buy souvenirs at a nice price. On Jl. Raya Kerobokan it is hard to resist and not to choose a stunning chandelier or lampshade. Vases and a variety of blown glass flasks that represent exclusive handmade artwork are featured in Focus Design. Each vase has its own individual shape because the heated glass is poured onto the teak root which ultimately creates a unique shape for each product. Artissimo Gallery offers unusual dishes from ceramics to bamboo. Bagus Handicraft is a wonderful shopping center with souvenirs and pretty interior art items. Warisan LIVING is a furniture showroom that sells beautiful furniture. Art and painting lovers come to Syah Painting.

Where to eat

There are great places to eat in Kerobokan as in any other regions of Bali.

Livingstone Cafe & Bakery invites you to enjoy good breakfasts. Here you will find delicious cuisine and an incredibly beautiful dish serving. Croissant Benedict, Mango coconut cheese and Toblerone bread pudd deserve special commendation. Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza traditionally offer delicious pizza that can be ordered online and delivered to your hotel or villa via the Gojek app.


If you like French cuisine, take your time and enjoy your visit to Métis where they pay special attention to cooking dishes: foie gras, snails, a rib eye. And the steaks are delightful! Mamasan is a large Asian-style trattoria where signature dishes such as tuna sashimi with watermelon, deep-fried shrimp dumplings, and deep-fried squid can be your favorites.

Adjarian khachapuri, delicious khinkali are found in a Georgian restaurant called Tiflis where there is not only delicious food but also a great shisha on the island.

Be sure to grab a huge portion of pasta with seafood, beef carpaccio and the cosmically delicious Panacotta at La Casetta and you will definitely return to this Italian restaurant again.

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