An incredible view of the ocean expanse, sunsets and sunrises opens up from the high cliff – this is Uluwatu. The district is located in the south-eastern part of Bukit peninsula, just 30 minutes’ drive from the airport. Ocean waves of Uluwatu appear to be a real paradise for extreme surfing. In addition to surfing the village is famous for the ancient temple having the same name – Pura Uluwatu that towers up the cliff 90 meters high. The foundations of the temple were laid as long ago as the 11th century by a Javanese Brahman and as the legend says in the 16th century another Brahman Nirartha achieved enlightenment here. Pura Uluwatu is called to protect the island of Bali from evil spirits.There is a thick growth of wood around the temple where you can take a walk along the alleys and socialise with monkeys who are always begging for food.

The way to the beach is quite unusual, it is practically cut through the rocks. You will have to mount several tens of steps, run along all the cozily built cafes and restaurants looking as starling-houses on the cliffs. The beach is a small bay, at low tide natural baths are formed among reefs and it is so nice to enjoy gentle water and tropical sun.

In the district of Uluwatu the majority of villas are designed in modern style and fitted with private swimming pools. The view to the indomitable Indian Ocean opens up from nearly every villa.

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