The most mysterious and alluring region is located in the south-western part of the Bukit Peninsula. This area took its name from the temple of Pura Luhur Uluwatu which name can be translated as “Ulu” - a top, and “Vatu” - a stone or rock. This is easily explained: the temple complex is situated right on the edge of a picturesque cliff extending into the raging ocean. Incredible sunsets and excellent surfing facilities are the main reasons for the popularity of this region. It is spread out on high hills covered with palm trees, ferns and banana trees.

For whom

Vacations are the best time for surfing and no doubt the Uluwatu region is the best place for this. People come to go surfing to Uluwatu from all around the world. And it's not random at all! There is a large number of spots for experienced surfers along the coast as well as several surf camps and surf hotels which were specially built paying attention to the preferences of sportsmen. Today it is a fashionable modern space for like-minded people whose life is impossible without a surfboard and waves.


Uluwatu region will be appreciated by those who come to Bali not only for surfing but also who like to spend a lot of time on wild beaches looking at the bright sun through sunglasses and watching water riders. It is exactly here where the sun does not leave the sky all day, it is here where there is a lot of water it is here where the winds blow all around. This place would be nice for people who want to become a part of the wilderness enjoying their getaway in tropical forests with gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean because the nearest “civilization” can only be reached by car or bike. Photographers admire this area for great opportunities for photo shooting too. Great aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed! It can be strange enough but this place is loved by tourists with completely different tastes and interests as Uluwatu is considered as a cultural, natural and party region at the same time.

Where to stay


Uluwatu beaches are mostly wild, but very clean and beautiful. To get to the shore you sometimes have to go down the steep stairs or make your way under the rock arches. During high tides, the water rises so high that it can flood the beaches and getting close to them would be quite difficult. You will have a feeling of peace and serenity when we are at low tide near the water. You can rent a sunbed on some beaches but we recommend to take a large beach towel for sunbathing.


The most famous beach in Uluwatu is Padang Padang Beach. It has become so popular after filming the movie “Eat, Pray, Love,” with Julia Roberts, that local people decided to take the entrance fee from the tourists. And even a way to the beach through steep stone stairs between rocks and monkey families does not scare tourists, everyone wants to see this place and feel like a movie actor in the famous film.

If you want to sunbathe it is better to pay attention to one of the beach clubs like Blue Heaven located on a cliff with beautiful ocean views and a large open pool with beautiful music, sun loungers, towels and lunch or dinner that could be a great bonus to your rest. You can use all the services that they provide by ordering a set lunch or dinner for 190,000 IDR.

What to do

If your plan to get acquainted with the religion of Indonesia then it is worth visiting a temple complex Pura Luhur Uluwatu and watching Balinese ceremonies to get to know not only customs of local people, feeling a special spirit of this holy place but also enjoy a beautiful panorama of the ocean and the whole island. Wedding ceremonies are held on the territory of the temple, there is a specially equipped chapel. You can take all wedding formalities on locals to make a ceremony of your dream with a classic ceremony or a ceremony with special religious traditions.


When to go

Uluwatu is recommended for visiting all year round as the air temperature is always about 29 - 31 degrees and the water is warm 26 - 28 degrees. You can stay in this area for the whole vacation or you can especially come in the evening to watch the sunset in Uluwatu Temple and enjoy the national Kecak dance or dine on the restaurant terrace with the most beautiful ocean views.

Entertainment & leisure

Located on the edge of a huge cliff at an altitude of 90 meters above sea Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple is one of the six most important temples of the island. Local residents come here to pay tribute to two goddesses: Rudra, a patroness of hunting, wind, and storm, and Devi Laut, a goddess of the sea who protects Balinese people from evil and sea demons. The temple complex is visited by fishermen to pray for a successful catch and a calm sea. To enter the territory of the temple you have to put on a sarong which can be rented at the entrance buying tickets. During the day you can watch the games of the monkeys and in the evening enjoy the traditional Balinese dance called Kecak. To get to the evening show you will have to take an additional ticket. High stairs lead to the temple surrounded by a grove in which there are many monkeys. Be careful because it is believed that monkeys protect the temple from evil spirits so some of them can be aggressive. There is a panoramic path over the cliff next to the temple buildings. It is a pleasure to take pictures here and watch the sun going down into the ocean.


Uluwatu has a considerable number of surfing schools, specialized shops and offices for renting surf equipment, which give this region special dynamics. You can study in a group or take individual lessons with a certified instructor, as well as learn the skill of riding a board with local people for much less money.

The surf bar Single Fin has been the pride of music lovers where you can enjoy the most beautiful music on the island. A special sound palette, which is accompanied by admiring the sunset and surfing of the coolest surfers creates a certain positive mood. The non-standard architectural design of the club which looks like a “layer cake” with a large number of terraces, wooden furniture, delicious coffee, and food, forms the unique atmosphere - a refined chill with notes of the avant-garde. On Wednesday and Sunday, the club operates until late at night attracting visitors with sets from world DJs and live music. Exactly these days young people from all over the island come here to dance. This place is a must-visit!

Balinese religious traditions covered with the secrets of the traditional Kecak dance at the light of the passing day, the aroma of banana trees, monkey games, warm ocean waves with a huge number of surfers, it is the best collection to keep memories about vacations in different colors.


Where to eat

What could be better than an ocean view dinner? Of course, it is a dinner with the sunset. All the restaurants located on the cliffs and famous for their panoramas present a wonderful menu that makes dinner even more memorable. Typically, such eateries belong to foreigners who know a lot about quality food and good service. So, recently opened after renovation, the El Kabron Bali restaurant invites you to enjoy wonderful moments of the most cheerful Spanish cuisine and watch the ocean with a glass of wine. Nachos with tuna, crab salad, the most delicious grilled octopus that can be the best dishes for a romantic dinner and the sunset are offered to guests in Mana Uluwatu. In Uluwatu, it is easy to find simpler restaurants with both local Balinese and European cuisine. If you want a delicious breakfast, then feel free to go to the Jiwa Juice Bar where ciabatta sandwiches with tuna and the most delicious freshly squeezed juices are served.

El Merkat, a restaurant with an Italian touch, is loved for an incredible avocado toast, delicious aromatic coffee, and pasta. Nau Tapioca House surprises with healthy Brazilian cuisine and unusual ingredients such as Brazilian tapioca that is especially good here, as well as a gluten-free menu, which will be appreciated by healthy lifestyle followers.

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