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Indonesia is one of the most magnificent countries of the world where unique nature amazes people with its inimitable beauty. Spreading out for three thousand miles from Sumatra to New Guinea the country happened to find itself as if on a string of the Equator. The territory of Indonesia includes the islands of Java, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Komodo, the biggest part of Kalimantan and thousands of smaller islands scattered among them as well.

Around 25 million years ago Asian and Australian continental plates came so close to each other that they clashed and as a result some pieces were separated from the continents and the islands were formed. As of today Indonesia consists of more than 17 thousand islands.

Bali – is heaven on Earth, the island of smiles and gods, one of the most exotic places on the globe.

Residents of this island live in peace and harmony both with each other and with nature. Here you can find a lot of beliefs but there is no religious intolerance. People who inhabit the island are very hospitable and never lock their doors.

As far back as XVI century Portuguese sailors were narrating of the island of Bali full of the natural beauty as follows: “paradisiacal bays with snow-white sand and turquoise water, majestic volcanos and infinite emerald greens everywhere.” Bali is greeting us looking still the same until now.

The beauty of the island did not remain unnoticed by other countries. Violent struggle between Europeans for Indonesian territories commenced as early as XV century. By the beginning of the XX century this island state surrendered to Holland nearly in full. Regardless of the desperate resistance the island of Bali suffered a lot. Locals recall the events of 1906 with horror until now when two thousand armed Dutchmen landed in the island and attacked the capital of Bali – Badung.

Balinese warriors in white clothes, armed with daggers only were dying under bullets and they killed their wounded according to the ritual. Governors and their families burned down their own palaces and committed mass suicide called “puputan” not willing to surrender to the invaders.

Indonesia could free itself from the Dutch influence in 1948 only when it received the status of an independent state.

Nonetheless that officially Bali is a part of the territory of Indonesia, when you arrive to the island after visiting Java, for instance, you can get the feeling that this is a completely different country. In a way, it really is so. Nowhere in Indonesia will you find such a huge number of ceremonies as in Bali. The island is literally enwrapped in a prayer at all times.

Denpasar, the capital of Indonesia, is located in the central part of the island. The city received its name in 1928, the previous name of Badung was changed by the order of the President. Denpasar is translated as “the new market”. The city is an interesting mixture of ancient traditions and a modern megalopolis with an active economic and political life.

A mountain mass is crossing the island from the east to the west and its peaks are as high as three thousand meters. Until now some active volcanic formations are found among them. Locals strongly believe that the peaks of the volcanos are inhabited by divinities bringing love and harmony to people. A ceremony against evil spirits and a ceremony for the good of the people take place twice a day. By the most conservative estimate there are around 20 thousand temples in Bali. However the island by itself can be called a temple with three million people in its service. There are full 200 days in Bali calendar marked as religious holidays. The main religion of Bali is Hinduism that came to the island around the 8th century. Having undergone centuries-old changes local Hinduism today is a mixture of animism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Apart from the fascinating culture, history and nature the island of Bali is famous for its Spa therapy. Who does not dream of enjoying an exotic therapy, restoring one’s health and becoming younger? Millions of holidaymakers from around the world visited beautiful sandy beaches, comfortable villas, Spas and thalassic centers in the island of Bali within the latest decades.

The world of Bali creates good mood and caresses the senses.

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