Gili islands


The eco islands of Gili, Meno, Air, Trawangan, cannot be confused with any other locations in Indonesia: living in harmony and silence near Lombok island perhaps they are the most attractive places for relax lovers who want to escape from the noise of megalopolises and live without transport and cars.


You can go on foot or rent a horse сarriage on small eco-islands because gas vehicles are prohibited here. That is why the air on Gili Islands is so clean and fresh and the noise of traffic does not beat so loud you can listen to the sough of waves and undulation of the ocean. It is a true romance to travel around the whole island in just half an hour then lie on the sand squinting your eyes from the bright sun and enjoy the seagulls cries, isn't it? Getting away from home feel that the quality of life is different here: nature is almost untouched by tourists. Actually nowadays the islands look the same as it was many years ago - wooden bungalows hidden from the sun by wide palm leaves - this place is definitely obliged ... to love. Perhaps that is why people especially love smiling here.

For whom

This destination will be loved by people who want to stay away from the routine of everyday life and noisy cities, who are ready to go sailing by a high-speed boat searching for tranquility, privacy and beauty of the Bounty-style beaches and enjoying dolphins jumping out of the water on the way to the paradise islands.

You can stay in several places at once giving your particular attention to each Gili island to appreciate the atmosphere. And you can move between the islands by a water tram which can take you to a neighboring island in 10-15 minutes. It is important to decide where to start: Gili Trawangan in the west that is the largest and the raviest Island, Gili Meno that is suitable for divers in the center or the quietest Gili Air for relax and family vacation lovers.


Snorkeling and diving will be a great bonus to beautiful white sand beaches and gorgeous panoramic views of the neighboring islands, as well as the mountain peaks of Lombok Island. Even if you have never put on flippers and a mask rent them and try to get acquainted with the underwater world you will definitely like it. Rare sea turtles are found in these waters which you can watch with your family from a terrace of your villa or a small wild beach. Gili Meno, the “tortoise island”, is rich in such places. Head to Turtle Heaven if you want to swim next to big turtles and shoot the amazing underwater world while diving.


What to do

After the recent strong earthquake of 7 points on Lombok Island which is located nearby some buildings, cafes and restaurants and in Gili were destroyed. Take your inspiration with a big tablespoon while you are on the most beautiful islands of Indonesia and support local people with your optimism. Remember that the money you spend on eco-islands will go to the restoration and reconstruction of the island and thanks to you the victims will receive shelter and a decent life.

When to go

Gili Islands are recommended for visiting all year round as the air temperature is always about 29 degrees and the waters are quite warm 26 - 29 degrees. Do not be afraid of rainy seasons which are here from December to March. There is a rainfall usually in the evening or at night and this is great because you can not include meditation on your MP3 player before going to bed and enjoy the sounds of real rain or a thunder.

Entertainment & leisure

It is a great idea to return to the time of carefree childhood and rent a bicycle to go around the whole island: it is easier to do this on Trawangan Island because there are many convenient bike paths. Bicycles are rented everywhere on the street without any deposits. The standard price for the whole day is 50,000 - 80,000 IDR (250-400 rubles). As a bonus, you will get a bicycle lock, grab a torch if you plan to travel around the island in the dark time of the day.

You may be surprised by the unusual type of taxi that exists on the islands - a horse taxi with a carriage which is suitable for 3 passengers without suitcases. A trip to your villa from the port will cost you approximately 50,000 - 150,000 IDR (250 - 750 rubles) but it's worth it. You can also explore the whole island just taking a cab and making excellent shots during the day excursion.

A variety of massage and spa centers is waiting for those who want total relaxation where you can get an additional portion of pleasure for only 80-100,000 IDR (400-500 rubles). And finding them is not difficult they are on any eco-island.

There are a huge number of diving centers that arrange special excursions for divers to get acquainted with the underwater world of the Gili Islands - turtles, stingrays, and outlandish fish. A keen diver should definitely see the underwater statue "Nest" which, according to the idea of marketologists, was placed underwater opposite the hotel that is under construction in Gili Meno. And Villa Ombak is famous for its excellent underwater photo zone with scooters opposite which is loved by wedding photographers. It's an ideal underwater destination for shooting lovers!

Head to Gili Trawangan if you are looking for noisy parties where you will find popular rock hits in Warung Warna beach restaurant, bright dances in Sama Sama reggae bar on Saturdays, electronic music from house to techno in Ombak Bar, beach reggaeton in Sand Bar.

Where to eat

Recently, a campaign has arranged by government decree to demolish bars and restaurants on the beachfront was on the eco-islands of Gili. The aim was to clean the beaches and making them more accessible to tourists. Now, only temporary and mobile tables, chairs, pouffes, and gazebos are allowed to be placed near the beach. And they can be removed at any time. The restaurant atmosphere has the signature of luxury in natural eco-materials and technological simplicity: bamboo tables, wooden dishes, and local dishes on a palm leaf and stunning views to the clear waters of the wild ocean. Local food will be loved by sophisticated gourmets and vegans. It is easy to find a restaurant with tasty and healthy dishes for a little money and quiet acoustic musical concerts. It's a real double pleasure for a healthy lifestyle and music lovers!

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