This is a picture of an ideal southern seas island where people are beautiful, kind and peace-loving and fruit trees are growing in abundance in the generous soil, where everything is flooded with sunlight, where people have finally achieved full harmony with gracious and inexhaustible nature.

The Air Island is surrounded by the biggest coral gardens, therefore boats with tourists from the neighbouring islands come here for snorkelling quite often. Make sure you take a small glass bottom boat and take a trip around the island or you can circle all the three of them, it will create a really memorable impression.


A tiny oasis with a fresh-water lake located in its heart. The atmosphere of comfort and peace complemented by tropical birds’ and cicadas’ chime. No music, no parties.

Enjoy the peace, swim with the fishes, poke the white and fine as flour sand with your toe, catch up on your sleep – to your heart’s content – in a pavilion packed with soft pillows and listen to the sound of the waves. While taking a stroll you can visit a sea turtle breeding farm.

From a bungalow on the coast you step right into the ocean. In the evening you can walk to the western part of the island and watch the sun go down behind the volcano in the island of Bali.


Trawangan is the biggest island of the Gili archipelago. You will be able to go around it by bicycle in an hour. The thing is that previously these islands did not exist at all and in as short as several thousand years suchlike small sandy pancakes appear on the surface of the ocean. Transport is completely unavailable here, you will never come across a car or even a motorbike. All the transfers are carried out by small island horses harnessed into carts or by bicycles that can be easily rented in any spot of the island.

Holidays in the island of Trawangan are more suitable for real party-goers, merry-makers and just proactive young people. Even staying in the island of Bali you can hear some stories of endless parties in Trawangan.

The beaches of the island are masterpieces of nature. As soon as you put your foot in the crystal azure of water, you find yourself in the richest underwater world – coral reefs, fishes of all colors of the rainbow and all sizes, even sea turtles are not embarrassed by your presence. Sea-eels and Napoleon wrasses are found here as well.

It will not be difficult for you to find here a small restaurant with a beautiful view and delicious food, there are also restaurants specializing in sea food only. Numerous bars will make you happy with rich assortment of cocktails and live music.

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