Kuta is one of the fashionable resort areas for young people in the island of Bali. This is a place where life does not calm down even for one minute, where lots of entertainment facilities are tempting visitors with neon signs, where special gods are respected – dollars and euros. In numerous small shops and stores souvenirs are for sale and occasionally they have little in common with real Balinese culture. Kuta is a surfing mecca of Bali. Hippies got to Kuta Beach in the sixties and as a result inexpensive and affordable accommodation became available. Today the assortment of various bungalows, little houses and villas in Kuta will please every tourist. Those who love sport, merry holidays and night life here will feel particularly comfortable. In a literal sense the beach is occupied by surfers. The sandy spot in Kuta is an ideal place to learn surfing. There is a lot of surf schools and surf camps in the area where experienced instructors will teach you surfing actually in one day. The waves in this beach are just ideal for those who come to learn or has not yet mastered the art of surfing perfectly. None of the parts of Bali Island can boast of having such vivid and diverse night life – the majority of the bars and clubs are open nearly till morning and if you wish you can set out on a pilgrimage and visit all of them. Do not fear adventures, Kuta is friendly and safe at night time. You can have a bite in Kuta Beach at any time of day or night, this area is filled up with various little restaurants and “warung” cafés, after the sun is down you can treat yourself to noodle soup, fresh fish barbecue or grilled corn in the main night market. Among entertainment attractions “Waterboom” waterpark with different waterslides and underwater tunnels is highly recommended for a visit. “Discovery Shopping Mall” and “Kuta Beach Walk”, two biggest shopping centres of the island of Bali, will surprise you with wide choice of clothes and shoes, Spa products and souvenirs..

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