A holiday with a difference

Every person is unique by nature, this fact is beyond any doubt. In the world there are hardly two people who are 100% identical. And yet we have something in common. Each of us needs food, sleep, a roof over his head and a change of pictures of life or in other words - impressions. Without this last factor, a person’s life is suspended. We all know that for new impressions people go on trips. 

As a rule, it happens this way – we leaf through booklets with photos of countries and cities and, in the end, we choose, what we think, the ideal place for us. However, not always these trips meet our expectations. We come home tired, gloomy and with only one desire – to relax after such a holiday. Why does this happen? The whole point is that initially the place chosen for the trip does not match the temperament of the person. And of course, climbing the mountains instead of a proper beach holiday the traveler not only does not rest, but also completely wastes the remains of his energy.

Fortunately, Bali is such a versatile island that any person will feel comfortable there. You just need to determine your temperament and choose the most suitable area of Bali.

Spend your vacation actively

So, if you are an impetuous man, inclined to change your mood, you devote yourself to your favorite occupation with passion and at the same time spontaneity is not just a word for you, you are definitely a choleric. It is best for you if you spend your vacation actively, as this way you not only have a rest, but also gain strength. Therefore in Bali we advise you to pay attention to surfing – the best schools of the island are located in Seminyak and KutaRenting a villa in Bali in these areas is an ideal option to be in the center of islands' life, but plan your vacation yourself. From there you can go for more impressions – to admire the sunrise from the top of the Batur volcano or to raft along the mountain river among the jungle.

Leasure time in Bali

If you are a calm person, it is almost impossible for you to lose your temper, and you prefer spending your personal time in silence and alone, then you are a phlegmatic person. The jungle of Ubud and the east coast of the island – AmedCandidasa and Gili Air Islands will be the best places for you in Bali. Have fun snorkeling, diving, fishing and leisurely walking along the beach.

Travel around the island

Sanguine type is the third kind of temperament. Active, energetic, kind to others and ready to help everyone, optimistic and full of hope. Sanguine personalities should never spend their holiday within the four walls. In Bali, for the sanguine type people it is best not to stay at a particular place, but to travel around the island, constantly moving around. Excursions, acquaintance with the local culture, active types of recreation, travelling to the neighboring islands, all this suits the flexible sanguine type personality best.

Find inspiration

If you are a creative person, prone to inner emotions, sensitive to the surrounding people and the outside world, then you are a melancholic. For a melancholic there is nothing better than the rest of the creative, solitary kind, with the possibility of reflection. In Bali, you definitely need to go to Ubud, it is not for nothing that the center of the island is considered the city of artists.