Tanjung Benoa


Benoa also known as Tanjung Benoa is a cape in the southern part of the Indonesian island which gave its name to the whole region. Benoa is located in the southeastern part of the Bukit Peninsula just a short way from the airport by car.

Escape the hustle and bustle of noisy cities head to Benoa that is an ideal place for a getaway with families at any budget: five-star hotels, modest guesthouses, luxurious villas within walking distance from the ocean. It's a small resort with only a few beaches where you may be lucky to see various types of sea turtles. The shallow harbor has several small bays to enjoy a wholesome natural view and fresh ocean air. Famous for its unique nature contours with coral reefs in the western part and enormous mangroves trees in the southern part Benoa is still one of the main tourism destinations, whether just for water extreme activities or amazing sunrises.

Встретить рассвет на пляже Бали в районе Беноа

For whom

Benoa has an interesting story to tell to any category of tourists everyone can find various activities to their taste for a hot tropical day. There are some temptations that are just too difficult for water sports lovers. This region is specially designed for water activities, diving, and snorkeling. Those who are looking for an ideal getaway with a family and children will find pleasure staying in Benoa with excellent white sand beaches and low waves that are suitable for swimming. Clean beaches give the guarantee to keep children entertained throughout their stay with fun on the sand.

There are no noisy night clubs with loud music here. If you look for some parties you' better head to Kuta or Seminyak where you will find a good selection of music entertainment. Reflecting the promise to provide good food and charming live musical accompaniment for travelers restaurants in Benoa feature a wide selection of international dishes without forgetting the familiar touch of Indonesian flavors.

Beaches in Benoa

Local beaches are well-equipped: showers, cafes and bars and they provide rental services. 3 km long the main beach has everything for swimming and snorkeling. There are high and low tides here. Benoa beaches invite tourists to enjoy water sport activities like inflatable banana, water scooters, jet skis, and diving.


What to do

If your ambitions seem big enough just try to put on a 37-kilogram underwater spacesuit and take a walk along the seabed at a 5 meters depth to feed the fish directly from your hands and have excellent shots on the underwater camera. Seawalker Bali at Grand Mirage Resort provides an excellent opportunity to make your dream come true and do not forget about important training and safety instructions. What a truly exciting experience!

When to go

You can come on vacation as well as stay in Benoa for a short or long term at any time of the year the average temperature is around 29-32 degrees Celsius and the water is warm just 26 - 28 degrees Celsius.

Entertainment & leisure

To spice up your Benoa itinerary you can ride a bicycle along the coast where renting services are provided or try to practice morning yoga classes on the beach with magnificent sunrises. Do not miss the opportunity to play beach volleyball that is a great opportunity to cheer up, sunbathe and have fun.

Learn how to catch waves and take some surfing lessons at any professional surfing centers along the coast that aim to build a bridge between you and the ocean by providing lessons for both beginners and advanced surfers. Here you can rent a surfboard or bodyboard. Keep an eye on these well-known companies as Adventure Scuba Diving Bali and Bali Jet Set Dive and Marine Sports that have a wide selection of water activities: you can go canoeing and ride a water bike or banana, take jet skiing, go diving and snorkeling. They always take care and always give the opportunity to try something new and offer more extreme entertainment like kite surfing, parasailing, flying fish, wakeboarding and windsurfing. The absolutely easiest way to impress tourists is to organize a diving trip in a submarine getting down under the water up to 45 meters where it is possible to see at depth what is usually accessible only to divers.

Лучшие места для снорклинга на Бали - район Беноа

Bali Fishing Boats knows everything about fishing and offers excellent fishing tours with a shuttle service. The fish in Bali are very different. The most common species of fish caught around Bali are tuna, mahi-mahi, red and white snapper, and barracuda. There is also a great offer from many companies, which in addition to fishing also includes snorkeling with fish, as well as turtles and mantas. The most popular things to do in Bali are boat trips including a trip on a boat with a glass bottom where you can admire the beauty of the rich underwater world in the ocean.

Just don’t think that Benoa is only a water sports resort you can also swim and sunbathe here. Many hotel restaurants on the first line are the best beachfront destination in Benoa that present an amazing menu for a romantic dinner with candles in a decorated gazebo right on the sand by the ocean. The level of romance is skyrocketing! One of the focuses of the beachfront restaurants is to introduce people to the traditional Balinese spirits bringing local culture into the menu. And they also offer European cuisine. And if you like to learn national culinary traditions while traveling you can try one of the Balinese Cooking Classes led by a chef and touch the secrets of local cuisine.

Where to eat in Benoa

The cuisine in the restaurants of Benoa is a kind of bridge between the Indonesian tradition and modern time. The menu is quite different: Balinese, Indian, Chinese and European dishes. There are many shades and layers of taste. Tourists love local restaurants for a great gastronomic experience but also for the level of hospitality that they feel immediately. All meals are served in Balinese style with a smile.

Cucina is a small piece of Italy in Bali with classic Italian dishes and seafood cooked in a Balinese style. The pools and the water bar at Sakala Beach Club create a unique atmosphere. Here you can spend the whole day lounging on a comfortable beach pouf under a huge umbrella, dine or enjoy refreshments without leaving the pool. All meals and drinks are made exclusively from the highest quality seasonal products.

At Chopstick Restaurant Chinese dishes are served on carefully selected dishes, which, according to the owners, should reflect the essence and concept of the establishment. Celestial people believe that it is necessary to have meals in silence focusing on dishes you are eating paying tribute to the food.

Nu Delhi is loved not only by vegetarians who can enjoy a good selection of dishes in the menu but also by fans of Indian cuisine. Here they cook right samosas, delicious panir, crazy mango lassi. The interior with elements of Indian decor creates a special atmosphere reflecting the aesthetics of time changing through the food. If you want a simple but healthy food turn your eyes to Coco Bistro Tanjung. There is always a pleasant service and delicious food.

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