Seasons in Bali

Seasons in Bali

Guests arriving to this most popular Indonesian island for the first time are surprised to find out that in Bali everything is as if the other way round. Road transport is moving in the direction, unusual for a European eye. And if you look down the wash basin a little bit more attentively when you wash your face in the morning, it is quite easy to see that water goes down not clockwise but counterclockwise. Therefore it is not a surprise that when it is winter time in the northern hemisphere, it is summer in Bali.

Bali is located on the southern side of the Equator and it enables the island to indulge its guests in warmth all year round. The weather conditions in Bali can be roughly divided in two seasons:

  • Rainy Season in Bali or summer starts at the beginning of October and lasts till the end of March. However it does not at all mean that you should better forget of spending your holiday in Bali during this period. Tropical showers happen in the island quite often even during dry season. They start all of a sudden and stop as fast and unexpected bringing the feeling of cleanness and renewal with them. Rains are followed by sunny weather and this is another peculiarity of Bali. The temperature during this time in Bali goes up and equals to +30 degrees Centigrade average by day, going just 1 or 2 degrees down at night.
  • Dry Season in Bali starts from the beginning of April until the end of September is the time of dry season, pleasant winds and cool nights – this is winter in Bali. But “cool” is a relative concept in this case. During this period the weather shares its best days with us, as nothing feels more pleasant than the breeze wrapping round your body on a hot tropical afternoon. The average temperature equals to +27 degrees Centigrade. However it should be mentioned that the temperature of the water in the ocean holds around +26 degrees Centigrade regardless of the time of a year.

When Is It Better to Spend Your Holiday in Bali?

The major stream of guests arrives to the island of Bali during New Year holidays – this is the peak season, at this time accommodation prices reach the highest point in a year. There are traffic jams in the roads, the beaches (especially in the south of the island) become more crowded. This is another proof that tropical showers do not scare tourists off.

From February till May calmness sets in in the island and accommodation prices go down – this is a low season period. Due to the raining some litter may appear on the beach in some places and as a rule it is immediately removed, but you have all the prospects of coming across such a view.

The most beautiful weather in Bali makes us happy from June until September – this is the high season period – the prices are a bit high, but actually this is exactly the time when Bali becomes a paradise island.

We recommend you to book your accommodation from June to August in advance as it is the favorite holiday time for Europeans in Bali, moreover, early booking with I Love Villa Company is always accompanied by special offers and discounts.

Upon the whole the island of Bali is one of the few places on the planet where seasonality does not determine the quality of holidays. It will be perfectly always comfortable both for those who are dreaming of solitude as well as for the guests who seek to spend their holidays in the festive atmosphere. I Love Villa Company will gladly help you with that.

When Is It Better to Surf in Bali?

Bali is an ideal place for surfers or the ones willing to learn this romantic sport. Waves are coming to the island all year round, you just need to change the side of the island and operating surf spots. Kuta is the best place for beginners where small waves with good foam come daily except for the period from November to February but other surf spots will be suitable for beginners at this time. For professionals who wish to conquer a 3-meter wave or tubes it is better to check the surf charts and forecast maps for big waves (swells) and plan their holidays according to these dates. It is always possible to catch a wave in Bali if guided by tide table. Seasons have no influence on tides (they depend on the Moon only).

When Is It Better to Go on Excursions in Bali?

The answer is clear and obvious – any time of a year, it is always nice to take a ride around the island in an air-conditioned car. But remember the short daylight hours, the sun rises around 5 o’clock in the morning and goes down at approximately 18.30. The thing is that tourist attractions are mostly located in the center of the island and the trips take as long as the whole day, we recommend starting on a journey at 8 or 9 in the morning.