Nusa Dua


These white sand beaches were quite wild some time ago and most of the buildings were ordinary wooden houses surrounded by palm trees. Today you can find the largest number of five-star hotels, luxury villas and houses in Nusa Dua which can only be compared with those that you saw in movies.

Nusa Dua region is divided into two parts: the resort area and the territory where Bali residents live. The hearts of travelers beat faster in the tourist area full of hotels with green parks and bright green vegetation, meditative bicycle rides along the coast with green lawns, luxurious trees with jumping squirrels right on the beach and the cleanest storming ocean. Ordinary tourists can go into the resort area and all beaches are accessible to everyone so you can order a tropical cocktail at any bar and enjoy the sun.

The resort has an atmosphere of "barefoot luxury", you can spend all day in shorts and a bikini. There is no need to worry about clean feet: there is a tap with water to wash at the entrance to any building. The resort has a special dress code where there is a tradition to dress up for dinner so you should put a long beautiful dress and smart trousers into your suitcase.

For whom

Nusa Dua is perfect for a honeymoon. Luxurious villas and cozy bungalows near the ocean are considered as a sign of the best honeymoon. Holidays in Nusa Dua are ideal for families with children. Don't even hesitate: it is exactly here where there are the calmest waters of the ocean, white sand beaches fenced from the high ocean wave by a coral reef chain. The water temperature is + 28C, and the surrounding views are so beautiful that you will definitely want to take a picture of them.


The place will be ideal for those who want to spend a lot of time in a sunbed on the beach and come to Bali for relaxation and quiet rest. Keen travelers choose Nusa Dua because the most beautiful island is able to surprise with its landscapes and luxurious best hotels with excellent service. Perhaps for a moment, you will feel like at home in this paradise almost forgetting that you are only guests here.

Where to stay


The beaches in Nusa Dua are sandy and very clean, the coastline is 3 km from Sofitel Resort to Mulia Resort. The hotel staff takes care of every meter of their territory and the cleanliness of the beaches, the proper condition of umbrellas, sunbeds, beach ottomans, bamboo gazebos and other infrastructure. The beaches are wide everywhere and it is about 50 meters from the water to the pedestrian path. A significant advantage of the beaches opposite the Ayodya Resort and Inaya Putri hotels is the presence of a small depression in the ocean where the depth of the ocean is always the same even at low tide, so swimming here is pleasant at any time of the day.


The usual complex of high-quality luxury vacations can be found in Nusa Dua and what’s important is all without annoying beach vendors who can disturb the sound of waves and the cries of coastal gulls. If you don’t really like salt water but like sunbathing then you should spend time in one of the beach clubs such as Agendas, which is located on the coastline, where there is a nice open-air pool with great music, luxurious sunbeds, toilets, showers, a bar with a good selection of food and drinks. You can use the club services for free if you order something at their beach bar. Towels are available for extra fee.

What to do

If your plan to meet the religion of Indonesia, you should visit the Square with Five Temples, a symbol of the unity of all religions, where Orthodox, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu temples and a mosque are in the same row.

When to go

Perhaps you have a desire to escape from the city noise to the sea or to the ocean at the first opportunity, then you are exactly here! Nusa Dua is recommended for visiting all year round as the air temperature here is always the same about 30 - 32 degrees and the waters are quite warm 27 - 29 degrees. You can spend all your vacation in the area, or you can just stay for one day devoting your holidays to the beach and photography. Thanks to the information on the Internet you can find a tide schedule to plan your photoshoot.

Entertainment & leisure

Explore Balinese massage and spa that can be provided in any hotel so finding them is not so difficult. And if you get away from the tourist zone a little further you can get the same portion of pleasure but for less money.

Morning yoga by the ocean is available here for everyone, even if you do not live in a luxury hotel. You can sign up at the hotel reception. It is also interesting to visit Sunday yoga classes for donations organized by the locals. Classes are usually held in the morning on weekends in the shade of trees next to the helipad on one of the peninsulas.


It's a great idea to rent a bike for riding along the coast and enjoy the beaches with the whole family: comfortable bike paths are located in the tourist area.

Nusa Dua offers a good choice for water activities like surfing in the ocean, as well as an alternative fun holiday with water entertainment in Surf & Turf to improve your surfing technique on a surf ride with surf guiding, a kayak, an inflatable banana, a jet ski, walking underwater in a spacesuit, a flyboard over the water.

If you want nightlife with its nightclubs and entertainment then you should head to Kuta or Seminyak.

Many Nusa Dua hotels offer a special honeymoon program when you can book a table by the ocean, and in the evening be alone with your couple and enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner in a very beautiful place with a decorated arch, listen to the sound of the ocean and the music of local musicians who will play especially only for lovers. The cost of such service usually depends on the number of guests, because the evening meal can be shared with close friends or witnesses of this modest ceremony.


There is a huge shopping center called Bali Collection full of stores with famous brands, as well as local manufacturers' shops, spas, and restaurants. You can take a free shuttle bus from your hotel to get there.

Theater and dance performances dedicated to the history and culture of Indonesia - the Devdan Show, treasures of the archipelago are held four times a week in the Bali Nusa Dua Theater. The Pacific Museum has cultural artifacts of Asia and the Pacific under one roof and here you can also find art collections of Bali paintings of traditional works from the classical era to the contemporary art.

You can take a walk under a refreshing salty spray of the ocean and take a picture at the natural water fountain called Waterblow. It's a stone ledge where the waves roll and crash on the rocks with noise.

Where to eat

There is a large number of hotels as well as restaurants with Indonesian and European cuisine. It's a good experience for vegans, healthy lifestyle followers and seafood lovers have something to choose from. Prices in restaurants vary and depend on the level of the eatery: you can try local cuisine in any Indonesian warung for $ 1 or spend much money enjoying a candlelit dinner with an ocean view accompanied by music from the piano and choose something from a delicious selection of food. The choice is yours!

If you come with your family, you should visit a restaurant called The Pirates Bay Bali at the coastline, children will appreciate an interesting interior in the form of a pirate ship made of bamboo and a gazebo on a tree.

A beautiful two-storied restaurant called Tamarind Mediterranean Brasserie restaurant made of bamboo creates a unique atmosphere and leaves no one indifferent. The central part is given to the monumental bar made of natural material that is surrounded by bar zones, bamboo swings and cozy beach poufs with sun loungers. Dinner in this restaurant is accompanied by live music, as well as a warm breeze from the ocean.

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