In the present-day world many of us are suffering from stress. Heavy workload, poor ecological situation, low quality food devoid of vitamins – everything leads to human immune system weakening and various diseases as a result. To help human body to cope with such stress medical advisers recommend detoxification that means cleansing the body from toxins in Greek.

The method is based on a special diet (fresh vegetables and fruit), massage aimed at fluid excretion from the body and sauna (quite often). Many people are tending to combine body cleansing and holiday as nothing as tranquil environment can be better for detox.

It seems that the island of Bali was created with this purpose in mind – plenty of tropical fruit, hasteless life tempo, secret beaches and spa salons. There are programs with physical activity including yoga - for those who are seeking cardinal body cleansing. A detox program in Bali may become a pleasant supplement to your holiday or a goal of your trip to the island for health improvement. And the best and most relaxing way to do it is renting villa in Bali.

We strongly advise our guests to go to Ubud if they are aiming at body detoxification as their general idea of coming to Bali. Away from the fuss of tourist areas, in pleasant coolness of the nature of jungles your harmonic and well-balanced relaxation is guaranteed. I Love Villa Company managers will be pleased to select a worthy Spa villa accommodation for you where you can be absorbed in your health strengthening.

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