Is it possible to get to Bali now?

Even today, in spite of the current situation in the world, dreams of a vacation in warm countries do not let go of inveterate and potential travelers. Those who have been thinking about it for long, but did not have time to make their desires come true, use every opportunity. Many who wanted to come exactly to Bali are wondering if it is possible to get there now.  

Despite the fact that the borders are still closed, you already have the opportunity to fly to Bali. You are permitted to enter with a business visa (B211). Earlier it could only be obtained at the embassy, but as of today this process has been simplified and now the visa is issued electronically. The visa is issued for 60 days with the possibility of four-time extension for 1 month each. It takes 3 to 5 working days to issue the visa. 


To apply for a visa, you need: - a passport copy, - an email address, - a phone number. – an actual PCR test (no later than 7 days). The cost of the service is 6,500,000 Rupiahs (approximately $443 per person). The visa has to be used (you have to enter Indonesia) within 90 days, therefore this offer is valid only for those who are planning a trip to Bali in the near future. 

We are glad that now we have the opportunity to help you with getting a visa and we are waiting for you in Bali. It is eternal summer in Bali, so the change of seasons is weak here. Although the period from November to April is considered the low season, the name is quite tentative. 

As the last months of the year approach, the rains become more frequent, but they do not interfere with vacations at all. As before, lots of people dream of spending New Year holidays here. If the opportunity to get to Bali during quarantine with a business visa remains, then those who wanted to celebrate the New Year under the tropical sun will be able to take it.  

Now you can get to Bali with a stopover in Turkey via this route: Moscow – Istanbul - Jakarta – Bali. If there are other possibilities or alternative routes in the near future, we will be happy to share this information with you. 

ATTENTION! This information is current at the time of publication of the article. The situation is constantly changing. Follow the news in our Instagram account. Find out about all the changes and innovations from our consultants.