About Turkey

“Merhaba”, this is how people greet each other in Turkey – a young and beautiful eastern country. Turkey is famous for its hospitality and interesting and strong traditions. Once in the atmosphere of the traditional market, you will never forget those loud and jaunty merchants selling all sorts of things. Colors and flavors of spices will remain forever in your memory. Many grand and unique historical sites are scattered throughout the country and like a magnet they attract curious visitors from different parts of the world. The world-famous Turkish cuisine is unmatched and it is unparalleled by the abundance and variety of dishes. There is a dizzying number of resorts where groomed villas and cottages are looking forward to their guests. And everyone will find a lot of unforgettable entertainment by the sea.

Turkey occupies a large peninsula in the west of the Asian continent. It is like a bridge created by nature between Asia and Europe in the place where the three parts of the world meet – Europe, Asia and Africa. This country is endowed with four seas and it makes its guests think about which of the seas to prefer – the Black Sea or the Sea of Marmara, or maybe the Aegean Sea or still the Mediterranean Sea. Where to spent holidays and rent villa in Turkey? There is no other country in the world that could boast such a variety of choices and you cannot stop admiring its unspoilt nature.

Perhaps, there is no other geographic area on the planet that was inhabited and visited by so many tribes and peoples within tens of centuries. Long before the arrival of Turks this country was a historical center of ancient civilizations and empires that left us countless monuments of architecture and art. Today when we are talking of the history of Turkey we see the images of the once magnificent Ottoman Empire and a portrait of stately Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the talented leader of the Turkish Republic.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey, but we all know that the heart and soul of the country will remain forever in Istanbul. This is one of the oldest and to this day the largest metropolis of the world, the economic and industrial center of the country, the world’s only big city located on two continents.

Sunny beaches and beautiful weather beckon visitors to Turkey for many years. The unique hospitality and service will entice you to come back here again and again.