On the Mediterranean coast just 27 kilometers from Dalaman International Airport there is an increasingly popular town of Dalyan. The trip to Dalyan is a real journey into the world of beautiful nature in the mountains of bizarre shapes. Mountains like a portrait frame highlight the numerous channels, Lake Koycegiz and the town river flowing into the sea. 

This area is literally immersed in the greenery of pomegranate plantations. Many travelers prefer to rent a villa in Dalyan closer to the channels or among green gardens. In the evening guests go to the promenade along the main street of the town and in the early morning sipping apple tea in the garden of their villa they listen to the warbling of local birds. An ideal home with all amenities for leisure has become a favorite venue for holidays and replaced a hotel for most travelers. 

The variety of leisure activities palette in Dalyan often makes people think of extending the vacation a little more or even of buying a house in this area. Lovers of outdoor activities will gladly be engaged in the study of mountain trails and the surrounding areas biking and explore the maze of channels canoeing. In health purposes, strengthening the mind and body, it is recommended to dip in the springs with hydrogen sulfide thermal water and take not only therapeutic but also rejuvenating mud baths. 

The most popular entertainment in Dalyan is a cruise along the picturesque river. Often guests from the neighboring town of Marmaris come here having only one wish – to get into such a journey. Colorful boats glide over the emerald water, past the majestic tombs of Carian kings, carved high in the cliff, past the ancient ruins of the city of Kaunos. 

Such leisurely boat trips are the most entertaining way to explore the area and get to the famous beach of Iztuzu. This beach is a protected area and it is carefully guarded by environmentalists and the state as basically the entire neighborhood of the town. The beach is nearly 7 kilometers long and its fine sand became home to a rare species of sea turtle Caretta caretta. Every year these marine giants, included into the Red Book, lay their eggs in the sands of Iztuzu. Attentive volunteers and employees of the protected area mark precious nesting spots where the eggs were laid. 

Holidays in Dalyan, untouched by mass tourism, are the dream of every resident of a bustling city and a great opportunity to enjoy the pristine beauty and the bountiful gifts of nature to the full in Turkey.