This South-West resort region of Turkey can be called one of the most mysterious and fascinating. The district of Fethiye was the cradle of ancient empires, the first mentions of the ancient land of Lycia in this territory date back to the first millennium BC. At the time the Persians, the Romans, the Turks and even Alexander the Great happened to come to this land.

Today these places are conquered mainly by tourists from around the world, and the only traces of great civilizations are the unique inclusions in the local scenery – majestic Lycian temples and tombs, carved into the rocks and scattered all over the region. Having chosen Fethiye as a vacation spot, it is worth to rent an apartment or to stay in a hotel for a few days in order to have time to familiarize yourself with all the cultural and resort attractions of the region. 

Olu Deniz or the Dead Sea - a turquoise bay, which has come to be called this way because of the eternal calm and complete lack of storms - is a famous place for both beach and extreme holidays, well-known among paragliding and parachuting enthusiasts. 

The abandoned Greek town of Kayakoy is history in stone coming alive with your touch to it. Saklikent is one of the longest canyons in Turkey with ice-cold water of mountain streams, incredibly refreshing in the hot summer. Or the town of Dalyan in the delta of the river of the same name with mud baths, ancient ruins and river boat rides along the reed delta overlooking the cliffs dotted with ancient tombs. 

All this is just a minimum program to get acquainted with the district of Fethiye. And if you stay in Calis Beach, after an active day you will have a chance to enjoy stunning sunsets over the Aegean Sea directly on the beach next to your cottage or hotel. Landscapes, climate, variety of activities, as well as provincial level of prices and real comfort have conquered many guests of Fethiye and apparently inspired them to settle down here for a long period. 

This region is one of the leaders in the number of expatriates residing in Turkey. In particular, there are thousands of Englishmen alone who moved into their house or an apartment in Fethiye. Thus, this region is famous for its highly developed infrastructure allowing foreigners to feel at home.