Alacati is a picturesque town on the Aegean coast in the province of Izmir spread out along the coast among the hills covered with vineyards. This small town is famous for its original architecture in a relaxing seaside southern Mediterranean style. 

Among the most famous buildings that are as popular as villas of celebrities there are windmills advanced age of which exceeds 150 years. Their location on this Turkish coast is no coincidence: the area is also known for its unique climate and winds ideal for windsurfing and kiteboarding. 

World famous stars of marine sports and lovers of seaside comfort and active recreation prefer to buy or rent a villa in Turkey in this legendary town of Alacati. Here you can enjoy a fine glass of local wine with the freshest gifts of the crystal-clear Aegean Sea – squid, octopi and different kinds of lobsters while sitting in a traditional tavern overlooking the harbor and Alacati marina. 

Or you can set sail and be off on an adventure from a local yacht club by the gentle turquoise waves to the picturesque bays of the Aegean. The town of Alacati has kept its own unique flavor, warmth and a comfortable peaceful atmosphere and one of the cleanest beaches in the country with clear water. It has also strategically convenient location just 70 kilometers away from Izmir – the third largest city in Turkey and Andan Menderes International Airport. 

A few kilometers from Alacati there is a ferry service connecting the Turkish coast with Italy and it allows travelers to reach Europe in just a few hours. This option is especially useful for owners of real estate in Alacati. If you have a Turkish residence permit on the basis of tenure in this town, you can apply for a tourist visa in Izmir and easily travel throughout Europe.