Alanya, one of the best Turkish resorts, is also known as the “Turkish Riviera” – it is the shining pearl of the Central Mediterranean Coast of the country. Alanya beaches are famous all over the country and far beyond its borders. 

According to legend, here queen Cleopatra herself preferred to take sea baths and today her example is followed by guests of the resort from around the world. Alanya is loved for a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summer that warms the soul and leaves your skin with a perfect golden tan, for a cozy atmosphere and strategic proximity to the center of the region – the city of Antalya and the international airport. Alanya is connected to Antalya by a highway of about 100-odd kilometers. 

To relax like a king, take sun and sea baths in the clean and picturesque beaches with warm clear water, enjoy the abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, as well as amazingly delicious kebabs, seafood and fresh fish, get premium-class service and feel at home, you just need to rent a villa in Alanya and make your vacation last forever. 

Alanya has all the necessary infrastructure to ensure that nothing prevents you from enjoying your vacation, and at the same time, to make it easy to use such advantages of a compact town as comfortable prices and distances. Despite the high level of facilities provided and an endless range of services Alanya continues to evolve rapidly. 

In particular, a lot of modern buildings are being constructed in the city and it becomes a popular but not a trivial destination among those wishing to make their dream come true and to buy an apartment directly from a developer in Alanya. 

It is not a surprise that this place is a magnet for visitors from all over the world because Alanya managed to harmoniously combine progress with comfort, natural abundance and diversity with elegant style, environmental cleanness of beaches, water and air with the title of a trendy resort.