If you choose the town of Dalaman for your holidays, you can safely count on getting new experience and serene pastime on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. At some point, you dissolve, inspired by the view of the sunset. In the words of Herodotus, in these parts, “there is the world’s most beautiful sky and the best climate”. 

Pine-covered mountains surround sandy beaches and coves and then they go down to the transparent surface of the sea. Local places are covered with a rich carpet of plants and bathe in the sun more than half the days in a year. Incidentally, in local territories you can not just plunge into the sea, do not forget about the healing hot springs in the open air that are so good for your health. 

This is the best spot for guests who love to swim and sunbathe, and go sailing. Especially happy will be the guests who adore nature – white water rafting on the refreshing mountain river, hiking and camping around the town of Dalaman are only enticing, because the famous ancient Lycian trail, covered with mysteries of ancient past, runs right here. And if you want miracles, do not be too lazy to get to the neighboring village of Dalyan, where huge turtles in their natural habitat, a river cruise and the ruins of the Carian Empire are waiting for you. 

In the 80s, the international airport was built in these parts and it served as a transit point for the more famous resorts of Fethiye and Marmaris. But the town evolved quickly and became a multipurpose center for recreation and receiving guests and now the created conditions lure new fans. 

Many hotels and comfortable modern сottages and villas for rent are built in Dalaman, where you are greeted with warmth, as it is customary in Turkey. Every week the town hosts the organic market, which gathers pilgrims from all over the neighborhood, who come here to buy the freshest vegetables, fruit and other products that are good for a healthy body and soul. 

A journey to the local market is steeped in the atmosphere of the East, so trivial for locals and so extraordinary for us. Discover a new beautiful corner of the country in the town of Dalaman.