Kas is an original resort town in southern Turkey tucked away in a tiny picturesque cove of the Mediterranean Sea. The town itself is small but amazingly comfortable. Kas is often called the diving capital of the “Turkish Riviera”. 

It is famous for its crystal clear waters and interesting diving spots. Here you will not find any major hotel complexes that are so characteristic of Turkey but private apartments are a worthy substitute for hotels. Surrounded by mountains and immersed in the greenery villas in Kas are just a real fairy tale for those seeking a quieter holiday in Turkey. 

It seems that you have slipped into a different world. Here you would want to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature from morning till night. For hours you can wander through the narrow and colorful cobblestone streets and breathe in clean sea air, citrus aromas and orchard fragrances. Surely you will be tempted to look into every souvenir shop and fans of exotic eastern things may be lost in the local jewelry treasuries for hours. 

During the day Kas becomes deserted, all the guests go to bask in the sun by the sea or to familiarize themselves with the nearest attractions, such as underwater ruins at Kekova Island. There are several beaches in the town in the form of cut in the rock platforms equipped with ladders to descend into deep waters. 

Do not forget to visit the wild beach of incredible beauty that is called Kaputas. It is 150 meters of white sand and translucent turquoise water framed by rocks turning into a gorge. The beach is so magnificent that it belongs to the protected natural area. In addition to a beach holiday in Kas it will be interesting for the guests to get acquainted with the history of the town and its vicinity. 

The fact is that the modern city of Kas is located on the site of the ancient Greek seaport and city of Antiphellus. Fortunately some tombs have survived until today and they can be seen randomly scattered among whitewashed two-storey houses with colorful little wooden balconies. One of these tombs has become the symbol of Kas – it is Hyposorion sarcophagus that is also called the Lion’s tomb as it is crowned with lions’ heads.