Seasons in Turkey

The unique location of Turkey, that unites Asia and Europe and makes it closer to the West and to the East at the same time, also ensures the availability of amazing climate, combining the features of different climatic zones and even different continents. 

South Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Sea are the most popular resort areas with locals and visitors alike. Classic Mediterranean climate prevails in these areas and it is ideal for relaxing by the sea. Antalya, fenced from the continent by the ridge of the Taurus Mountains, is protected by a natural barrier against the winter cold and sudden changes in temperature throughout the year. 

In the Mediterranean climate zone in Turkey the average temperature of July being the hottest month of a year is about +26,8 degrees Celsius, the average temperature of January being the coldest month of a year is around +6,4 degrees Celsius. In Antalya you will find the perfect summer – dry, hot, but not scorching, with the breeze caressing flattering hair, warming with the rays of the sun to the core and leaving a trail of gold on your skin – smooth bronze tan. And the holiday season here is not limited to the 3 months of "calendar summer". Ideal weather conditions can be combined with a comfortable vacation choosing to rent villa in Turkey.

Early refreshing spring and soft as if velvet autumn allow fans of swimming to open the season even before the May holidays in April and enjoy swimming not only in the pool of their own cottage or villa, but directly in the turquoise Mediterranean Sea during October and November, up to November holidays. 

Winter in Antalya can hardly be called a season with positive temperatures and periodic rain. Citrus crop ripens in December – and a persistent orange and lemon note is added to winter pacification of the south, from such positive orange specks on the streets to mandatory morning glass of fresh juice on your table. 

Spring and autumn in the Mediterranean are great times for a relaxing holiday on the beach in the tender and gentle rays of the demi-season sun. Besides, it is a perfect time for cultural tourism, travel around national reserves, exploring the many ancient cities, open air museums and attractions of Turkey inherited from the Roman and Byzantine Empires.