Bodrum is a unique collection of striking contrasts for a famous and long-proven luxury resort. The impressive peninsula where Bodrum is located boasts a combination of rich history and culture of the times of rule of different civilizations, the magnificent nature and the environment in every village and nearby resorts, at the same time, unrestricted access to all the benefits of civilization, and all kinds of entertainment at any time of day. For example, only here at 5 a.m. you may enjoy the giant local pizza called pide. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the peninsula is to rent a villa in Bodrum.

Due to the growing popularity of the resort, Milas International Airport was built in Bodrum which receives flights from all corners of the world. Just imagine, from London Bodrum can be reached just in 4 hours by an EasyJet direct flight. As soon as visitors get to Bodrum, they will surely become hostages of the beauty and elegance of the style of local architecture, which has become the hallmark of the peninsula. 

The secret of the originality of the appearance of the local buildings is in the law of 1960 on the construction in these parts authorizing to build villas and cottages no higher than three floors, in the same style and necessarily white in color. Bodrum at times resembles Greece, which is not surprising, because the nearest Greek island is at a stone’s throw. From the famous old town harbor, where snow-white yachts from around the world are swaying in the wind, there are regular ferries to the Greek island of Rhodes and Kos. 

In the most picturesque and cozy corners of the peninsula, guests will be able to easily rent a villa in Bodrum. Permanent soft breeze at the shore allows you to survive hot months in total comfort, thanks to the location of the peninsula – almost at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, separated by the Gulf of Gokova. Bodrum air is considered healthful, enriched with a high content of oxygen. 

After all, not without reason the celebrities’ villas are located in this region and, in due course, popular among beau mode, Bodrum has become a haven for all sorts of creative characters and gradually acquired the status of an aristocratic resort. Gloss and shine pulsating with life, Bodrum, we can say, is the ultimate dream for the most demanding guests in Turkey.