Legendary Antalya is known even to those who have never been to Turkey. In most cases many of us used to fly to the local international airport from all over the world, used to spend vacations in Antalya and are already familiar with its unique climate, the Mediterranean Sea that is ideal for a beach holiday and traditional Turkish hospitality. 

Surely while you were basking in the sun with a glass of freshly squeezed juice of oranges and pomegranates plucked from a tree brunch in your presence, the thoughts have crossed your mind that amidst this idyll you could stay a little longer and not limit yourself to a week of rest in a hotel but you could just rent a villa in Turkey or buy an apartment near the beach. 

There is nothing surprising because even ancient king Attalos’s train of thought was about the same. The wise ruler travelled in search of a paradise on earth until he happened to arrive to the radiant sea bay hidden by the formidable peaks of the ridge of the Taurus Mountains. Exactly in this paradise the king founded one of the most beautiful cities in the history of mankind and called it Antalya. 

Today it is not only a covered with legends place with stunning views but an expanded for many kilometers metropolis uniting several areas with highly developed infrastructure, endless possibilities for leisure activities and, of course, with beaches and excellent conditions for a classic summer holiday. 

It is very easy to feel at home in Antalya: spacious villas with swimming pools and cottages are located in close proximity to the sea or close to convenient transport interchanges. In this city you will never feel like strangers because almost all the staff in shops, restaurants and numerous shopping centers speak English. 

Antalya offers its guests and residents a wonderful opportunity to turn one week beach holiday into a bathing season that lasts at least 6 months – from May till the end of October. The winter in Antalya is a period of special charm filled with peace and scent of fresh local citrus crop (oranges, lemons, grapefruit and, of course, mandarins), falling directly from the branches of a tree on your New Year table.