Mountains, mountains and once again the extraordinary Taurus Mountains, on one of the peaks of which among the shaggy woods up the green valley stretches the fabulous area of Islamlar. It is an authentic Turkish village, where for locals tradition is the meaning of life and hospitality is the way of life. 

It is the ambience of untouched nature and the spirit of the original culture away from the bustle of cities and resorts located almost at the very starts. One of the striking features of the houses in the mountains is the presence of a large number of windows for the best view of the surrounding spaces. 

From the window, from the terrace or from the pool of each villa and cottage guests will enjoy breathtaking views of another sunset, shimmering sea, and count shooting stars in the night sky and maybe even make a wish on a fallen star. Of course, that is a perfect place where it is so tempting to rent a romantic nest or retire and take your time to breathe away from the cycle of life, merging with nature. 

It is only necessary to discover the village of Islamlar and experience the magic of this space at the dizzy heights. The fresh mountain air and peaceful sounds of nature, quiet rest and complete relaxation, the feeling when you want to fly, when you are above the clouds, will certainly provide you with the energy reserve for months. 

For sure, many of us have ever dreamed of owning property or at least renting villa in Turkey in such a beautiful region with an incredible concentration of romance. Where perfect morning begins with a leisurely cup of aromatic Turkish coffee in a garden full of mountain freshness, after which it is so nice to go for a walk in the equally cozy streets of the village and experience the wild delight of the local restaurants.

But if you do not like to sit still, definitely vacation in Islamlar is not limited to stunning views and the nature around. Notable historic sites of Kas and Patara are located nearby ready to please you with ancient monuments, preserved to our days, and natural attractions. In just 20 minutes’ drive from Islamlar guests will have the opportunity to visit one of the most spectacular beaches in Turkey – Kaputas, where it is so easy to have lost your tongue because of the opening landscape.