Not far from Kas you can find its small but no less valuable neighbor – the town of Kalkan. Once it was a charming little fisherman’s village of Kalamaki, its history just started in the 19th century and for many years it was populated with the Greeks only. 

Today Kalkan has grown into compact and cozy resort on the Mediterranean coast where the mountains rise serenely. Kalkan architecture is strictly sustained in the same style, its hospitable people carefully try to preserve the charm and the atmosphere of bygone days. Low-rise white houses and cottages are wrapped in luxuriantly blooming bougainvilleas as if in a gift wrap and they do not cease to please the eyes of inhabitants and the new arrivals. 

As Kas, Kalkan is built on the slopes of the mountains and due to that you can rent a villa in Kalkan with an open-air terrace offering the fantastic view of the city and the endless sea. Just imagine that such a house will be yours, even if it will just for a couple of weeks! In recent years Kalkan was highly successful in winning the hearts of yachtsmen and local bohemians coming there in search of a long summer and comfort. It is surprising to see the great variety of restaurants where you can not only spend time in a fun or romantic atmosphere but also taste delicious dishes. 

Locals joke that the number of restaurants per capita is about two, so it is not difficult to guess that guests will not be bored in the evenings. Near the harbor the city pebble beach is located and some club beaches are nestled nearby, they are equipped with everything you may need for a comfortable rest and they offer excellent service. If you move just 6 kilometers to the south of Kalkan, you will get to the legendarily beautiful beach of Kaputas. 

Familiarity with the village of Patara may become another enjoyable event as this village is located just 12 kilometers away from Kalkan. The once mighty city and port of the Roman Empire, Patara today is just well-preserved ruins on one of the most mystically beautiful beaches in Turkey. 

According to the myths, Patara is the historical homeland of Apollo and Santa Claus. Here, guests who are not indifferent to history can be sure that they will satisfy the cultural hunger, while those who want to have a swim and thoroughly soak up the beautiful beach will be infinitely happy. What could be more tempting than a holiday in Kalkan that combines the full flavor of dazzling impressions which will certainly remain forever in the memory of travelers?