Aegean Region is one of the favorite holiday destinations among the Turkish population. It is here that you can enjoy at your leisure all the benefits of civilization, live comfortable and cozy and at the same time keep your distance from the city bustle. 

The picturesque coastline, sand with reflection of sultan’s gold, beaches breathing purity and freshness in the vicinity of houses on the coast of Turkey and crystal clear emerald water sparkling with each new burst of waves – these are not all the advantages of Cesme, a district on the Aegean Sea in the province of Izmir. You can easily combine sun and sea bathing on the beach with natural Spa treatments. 

Cesme is really famous for its unique hot springs that gush out of the ground directly in the sea by the beach, offering an unusual experience of visiting these places. At the resort of Cesme you can also undergo rehabilitation and take thermal baths in a hotel or in a Spa center, so this town is popular for combining holiday pleasures with useful treatments and health improvement with recreation. Cesme can also become your home in Turkey on the way from Europe to Asia. 

This is the most western region of Turkey, the closest to Europe and an excellent logistical crossroads between Europe and Asia. It is just 70 kilometers from Cesme to the international airport of Izmir. And just a few dozen kilometers from the waterfront there is the Greek island of Chios. Aegean cuisine is another reason not only to visit, but, perhaps, to move into your own apartment in Turkey and settle in Cesme. 

The abundance of fish delicacies, seafood, a variety of regional snacks, fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as local cheeses and wines attract gastronomy pilgrims from around the country and around the world. It is not by chance that the name of Cesme is translated from Turkish as “a fountain, a spring”. This place really is an inspiration to many, and each day spent in the cozy town of the Aegean is full of emotions, bubbling, spouting and filling the soul and body with positive.