Villa rental in Tyrkey



Renting a villa in Turkey has long been a custom not only for lovers of Turkey who really enjoy its flavour, but also for guests who know how to use this vacation to their advantage. First of all, renting a villa in Italy is profitable if you have a big family or you travel with a group of friends. You will agree that the cost of a villa by the sea with several bedrooms is much more profitable than the same number of rooms in a hotel of the same level. Secondly, when staying in a villa, guests will always have a choice of places to eat. It can be any of nearby restaurants, a guest chef, or a well-equipped kitchen in the villa where you can cook something yourself which will undoubtedly be more profitable.


Renting a villa in Italy means providing yourself and your loved ones with comfort, the absolute components of which are complete solitude, private territory and a swimming pool. If you don’t like staying in separate rooms, as is the case in hotels, then renting a villa is the solution for a comfortable holiday in Italy. Services offered at the villas are habitual for travellers and include cleaning, garden care and pool maintenance, however, at guests’ request, a masseur, a chef or a nanny may be invited. Our managers will help to resolve any issue, staying in touch with the guests throughout their holiday.


We work directly with villa owners only or with management companies and not until we sign an official contract. Our managers are working in travel industry in Italy for over 5 years now. During that period of time we succeeded in creating an extensive database of the most profitable offers not only on rentals but on villa sales in the island as well. No matter you rent a luxury villa or a small apartment or a bungalow you can always expect to get the lowest price and personal service from I Love Villa. Our regular guests will enjoy pleasant surprises as discounts and bonuses.