Bali Spa

In the opinion of experts, the concept of Spa was germinated in ancient Rome and is translated from ancient Latin as “water therapy”. And over time massage, wrapping, peeling and a whole variety of treatments aiming at youth and beauty preservation for both men and women were included in the notation along with water therapy.

Today the tropical island of Bali is acknowledged to be the world center of Spa therapy. It is not a surprise as the beauty of the island inclines to relaxation and a wish to forget the rest of the world with its landscape only.

The major virtue of Bali Spas is the use of natural components. Seaweed for wrapping and peeling, essential oils made from local plants for massage, seawater for thalassotherapy, hot baths with lotus petals and champaka flowers (this is a local flower with wondrous sweetish scent).

And of course the island of Bali is famous for its incomparable massage. The most popular types of massage are Bali, Thai, Shiatsu (Japanese massage), hot stones massage and foot massage (reflexotherapy). Let’s particularize them a bit.

Bali massage 

This is traditional relaxing massage with natural essential oils and acupuncture elements (acupressure). A skilled master will specify your problem zones on his own and will remove the pain. Although the general procedure of Bali massage is more or less the same, every respected Spa has its own trade secret.

Thai massage 

Thai massage or yoga massage as it is often named differs from Bali massage – you cannot relax during the procedure. Thai massage is aimed at muscle stretching and inner balance harmonization with the help of certain yoga exercises that will require your involvement. This kind of massage is often performed by male masters as it calls for strong arms.

Shiatsu massage

It is also known as “body and soul healing” massage. Classical shiatsu massage affects pressure points of one’s body to revitalize the whole organism. Shiatsu massage is very popular in the island of Bali because a master is literally walking on your back during the massage session. Do not get scared, the massage is not only painless but extremely pleasant. Experience it yourself to make sure.

Hot stones massage

Nobody will remain indifferent to hot stones massage. The classical Bali massage is supplemented with hot stones. A master is making massage movements with them along certain areas of your body and it works towards achieving a state of deep relaxation. This kind of massage is not only pleasant but healthy as well. It improves blood circulation and contributes to immunity strengthening, relaxes nervous system – it is good for those who suffer from insomnia.

Foot massage

During foot massage acupressure points of a body are affected by human fingers. This kind of massage is directly aimed at health improvement. Although every Spa in Bali offers this type of service for a small fee, we advise you to visit large Spas for such massage, to have it done by reliable masters and only upon somebody’s recommendation.

Nearly every hotel and villa complex in Bali offer Spa treatment service. The Spas located in the middle of the island in Ubud are believed to be the best. However, there are some quite worthy Spas in the southern part of the island in Nusa Dua and Seminyak. For instance, thalassotherapy lovers are advised to visit “Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali” or “Ayana Resort & Spa” hotels. You should not necessarily stay in these hotels to enjoy their service. Please inform us what treatment you are dreaming of and within a few minutes we will book it for you in the best Spa of the island.

Some Spas in Bali offer «a home visit» service by massage therapist.