Taste of Italy

Perhaps, no other cuisine is that popular around the world as Italian food. Restaurants and snack bars offering Italian food can be found in every capital and almost in every city. Pizzerias, Italian restaurants and cafes traditionally are the choice of millions of foodies from around the world. 

Italian style dinner is a harmony of taste, preference for natural products and ease of preparation, but at the same time it is abundant and it guarantees that nobody around the generous table will stay hungry. And where as in Italy can you enjoy the excellent cuisine, these stunning dishes that earned global recognition and fame? And accommodation in Italy – it is not just rooms, but surely a kitchen impregnated with intoxicating aromas. 

Of course, gourmets all over the world prefer the original Italian delicacies, this is why they come to Italy in search of new taste sensations. And where if not at the sun-warmed fertile Italian coast could high culinary art arise? Here you can find in abundance fragrant olives, juicy tomatoes, choice wheat from which the best of flour is made, herbs and other ingredients necessary for the creation of a real gastronomic masterpiece. 

Whether in the culinary arsenal of Italian chefs there was pizza alone, they would win the sympathy of millions of fans of fast, inexpensive but at the same time tasty food. But no, dozens of kinds of pasta, paella, lasagna, tiramisu – the divine Italian dessert and other works of Italian culinary art caress the ear and delight the taste buds of gourmets. 

Perhaps, it is not possible to imagine Italian culture without Italian cuisine. Hospitable Italy is often associated with real food. To be here and not taste real Italian pizza? No traveler can afford it. 

Even if you rent a villa in Italy with a fully equipped kitchen meaning to cook for yourself, certainly you will go to a restaurant some day and order Italian pasta, drink Italian wine and you will feel involvement in the very Italian culture. 

After all, haute cuisine is not just food for life sustaining. It is a way of intercommunication, it is a version of communication uniting the Italians and visitors to the country, and finally it is the embodiment of harmony to which is a man is so eager. 

And all these flavorful dishes, generously seasoned with Italian herbs, exuding juice of ripe vegetables and good meat – this is another hundred-percent reason to fall in love with Italy, learn its traditions, know it not only by sight, but feel it, hear it and taste it as well!