Italian wine

From ancient times wines were considered a wonderful aperitif, in moderation were recommended for hematopoietic system and even contributed to the clarity of mind. “In wine there is truth” – this popular expression belongs to the Roman author and natural philosopher Pliny. It seems that they already knew the value of wine in Ancient Rome. 

It is not a surprise that modern Italy also holds leading positions in the wine industry. With such ancient tradition of wine production, Italian winemakers still successfully compete with well-known manufacturers from other countries. 

Homeland of famous wines like Asti, Chianti, Prosecco and Amarone – Italy can boast a rich “wine heritage”, its history of wine production amounts to more than two thousand years. 

The country is rich in vineyards, which grow amazing varietal grapes. The volume of wine production in Italy is impressive – it is comparable with the productivity of recognized leaders of the wine industry in France and Spain. 

In the provinces guests of the country will find not only beautiful Italian villas, its rich cultural heritage, but also generous farmland. Each of the 20 administrative regions of Italy has its own wine production. The most famous Italian vintage wines are produced in the regions of Piedmont, Tuscany and Veneto. 

Of course, the most famous wine in Tuscany is Chianti – delicious dry red wine produced according to ancient recipes from the local grape variety Sangiovese. Piedmont became famous for Asti sparkling wines made from local grape variety White Muscat (Muscat Blanc). Fans of Italian wines associate the region of Veneto with Prosecco and Amarone. 

But it does not mean that the selection of Italian wines is limited to these names. Italy, as already noted, has a significant share of global wine market. And guests of the country can enjoy authentic Italian wine not only buying it in a store but also visiting the numerous wineries. 

And the choice is really great. Italian wineries account for more than two thousand varieties of grapes. The most famous among them are Sangiovese, Barbera, Pinot Grigio and Montepulciano. 

From these and other varieties grown by skilled winegrowers the Italians produce their fine wine that is so nice to sip on the balcony of a villa by the sea in Italy, having returned from another interesting and exciting trip around local attractions and monuments of architecture and art.