Northern Italy

Italy is so full of beautiful places that you want to fit everything in one trip around the country. However, romantic travelers are likely to be attracted by the north of the country.  

The prosperous province of Veneto will win the heart of an experienced tourist. Venice is the best known city in this region and it is certainly the center of Italian romanticism. Pierced by channels, it attracts the most poetic travelers. To rent an apartment in Italy with a view of St. Mark’s Square is the dream of millions.  

Verona has the title of a romantic city which is equally true as it is famous for Shakespeare’s characters of Romeo and Juliet. The ancient city is full of architectural monuments and it envelopes its guests with great charm. 

Padua is also attractive to art and architecture lovers. This is where such masters as Titian and Giotto created their masterpieces. And a small town of Torri del Benaco is located within one hour’s drive from Verona – its modest territory of 50 sq. km fits quite a number of antique attractions. 

But it is not only cities shrouded in romantic flair the province of Veneto has to offer to its guests. Shores of the unique Italian lake – Lake Garda are waiting for its guests all year round. Villas by the lake greet travelers and offer to enjoy the silence and natural views.  

Lombardia adjoins Veneto – and this region is no less wonderful. Here clear waters of Lake Como promise repose from an intense cultural program. Bellagio is one of the favorite tourist towns by the lake. It lures tourists with its beauty and colorful facades. Vassena is another authentic city which is gladly visited by many guests coming to Lake Como.  

But Lake Maggiore is located on Italian soil both in Lombardia and the region of Piedmont which holds the record for the number of national parks in Italy. Surrounded by the Alps, Piedmont is extremely picturesque. And its small towns are always full of lovers of authentic Italian provinces. Meina, Stresa, Lesa and Asti – the spirit of Italy reigns in each of these small settlements.  

Along the coast of the Ligurian Sea the administrative area with the same name is spread – this is Liguria. When you get there and if you wish to have brightness and comfort at the same time you should visit Portofino: the small seaport attracts a lot of visitors by its local flavor and beautiful beaches. It is located in the Tigullio Gulf – a place of incomparable natural beauty. Once you are there, the neighboring towns of Rapallo and Sestri Levante are also worth a visit.