How to get to Italy

Italy is a European country with quick transport connections, a number of major airports and it will not be difficult to get here from any continent. The idea to visit the most beautiful Italian villas and to get acquainted with priceless cultural and historical heritage of European civilization is quite realistic wherever you are at this moment. 

The biggest Italian airport is called Fiumicino and it is located in Rome, the capital of the country. It handles dozens of flights from different parts of the world. National airlines of all countries and many low-cost airlines fly here on schedule.  

Capitals of European countries are connected to Rome by short-haul direct flights that take from 1.5 to 3 hours. For example, you can fly with Aeroflot from Moscow, Air France from Paris, British Airways from London, Austrian Airlines from Vienna and KLM from Amsterdam. 

A flight from other continents to Rome will take longer. However, it will not be difficult as well to fly directly from countries of North and South America, Asia and Africa and to choose a flight with a comfortable transfer from Australia, so you can rent a villa in Italy by the sea and enjoy the beauties of the country and the delicacies which are famous all over the world. 

So, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines fly to Rome from the United States and connect the Italian capital with New York, Washington, Chicago and Atlanta. From South America you can fly with Aerolines Argentinas. 

There is also massive passenger traffic from major airports of Southeast Asia to Rome: Thai Airways operates regular flights from Bangkok, Singapore Airlines - from Singapore and Cathay Pacific – from Hong Kong. Air Algerie, EgyptAir and Tunisair fly from the African continent. 

This is just a small fraction of air carriers which bring thousands of guests to the hospitable Italian land from day to day. There are others, including numerous flights of low-cost airlines. And, of course, Alitalia – this Italian air company carries hundreds of passengers to Rome from major airports around the world every day. 

From Rome you can comfortably travel around Italy by train, by plane or by bus and you can easily go anywhere – be it a cozy villa in Sardinia, fashionable boutiques in Milan or small romantic streets in Venice and Florence.