Visa and Airport

To visit Italy which is part of the Schengen, citizens of the countries who are subject to visa regulations are required to apply for a Schengen visa. In particular, these are citizens of Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Turkey, Vietnam and a number of other countries.  

An application and a package of documents for a tourist Schengen visa to visit Italy should to be submitted to the Italian Consulate or to the Italian Visa Center in the country of residence.  

If you plan to visit Italian lakes or museums but you do not have a valid Schengen visa or the right to enter the Schengen countries without a visa, you should prepare a standard package of documents to submit to the Italian Consulate.  

As a rule, such package includes: a standard application form, applicant’s photographs that conform to the requirements, his passport, medical travel insurance, booking confirmation of a hotel or a villa in Italy, flight booking confirmation and proof of income.  

There is no border control inside the Schengen zone – you can visit Italy as a tourist travelling from any other Schengen country. 

When visa formalities are settled and a plane ticket to the Italian coast is purchased, there is just one more formality left – to pass through airport services upon arrival to the country.  

So, upon arrival to an airport in Italy all international flights passengers are subject to passport control. Regardless of the fact that major airports in Italy handle a sufficient number of flights daily, the passport control procedure usually takes a reasonable amount of time. 

Next, if you do not have goods for mandatory declaration you can proceed to baggage claim area to collect your suitcases with your holiday outfits and start an exciting journey around magnificent Italy. 

If the cash you import exceeds the equivalent of USD3,000 or you carry goods and valuables requiring declaration, it is compulsory to complete the declaration form. Otherwise you may have problems at customs control and it may overshadow the very beginning of your long-desired holiday and properties in Italy rented beforehand will have to wait for you longer than planned.