Southern Italy

Southern Italy is the passion and the soul of the country. Here, to the southern coast of Italy people come to get new emotions, expression, and life! And if you have a dream to feel and try on the famous Italian colorful life, then you need to go to the South! 

Beaches and cities of Amalfi Coast greet their guests with southern hospitality. The province of Salerno is the concentration of beautiful small towns living in the rhythm of Southern Italy. Amalfi is the center of the area, it is one of the most romantic and picturesquely located coastal Italian miniature towns. And beautiful Positano is referred to as “paradise on earth” – located in the south of the Sorrento Peninsula, this town represents the perfect Italian resort. The town of Sorrento that bears the same name as the peninsula belongs to the fashionable resorts of the South: it is comfortable to stay here but if you wish you can quickly get to other picturesque towns, for example, to Piano di Sorrento. 

Praiano famous for its unique landscape is located between Positano and Amalfi: rows of white houses go down the hill directly to the sea. Snow-white buildings in harmony with the lush green of the Italian South and the turquois sea – these are signs of the ancient town of Maiori as well, besides, the beaches are beautiful here. Ravello is another jewel of the Amalfi Coast and it has captured the hearts of many creative and romantic guests of Italy. The towns of Marina del Cantone, Sant’Agata sui due Golfi, Nerano, Atrani, Marciano, Santa Maria Annunziata and Vico Equense are small and postcard-perfect and but they are also able to inspire a delicate and sensitive person.  

Of course, speaking about the South of Italy you cannot fail to mention Naples. It is not only the largest city of the South but of the whole country. Here, on the shore of the Bay of Naples, the city receives millions of visitors seeking the beauties of the Italian South. Naples is a city of contrast filled with monuments of architecture and history. Travelers wishing to taste the real Italy, with its character and expression, come here by air, land and sea. Not far from the bustle of the port there is the beautiful town of Massa Lubrense – it offers quiet joy of carefree resort living. 

The picturesque regions of the South - Apulia and Basilicata are famous for their tourist routes along the coast and in the towns that give guests of the country the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of this wonderful part of Italy. So, in Basilicata travelers from around the globe certainly visit Maratea – a town in which among other things the second largest statue of Christ the Savior in the world is located. The city of Ostuni located in Apulia is very colorful with its white facades of typically Mediterranean houses and in the small provincial towns such as Santa Caterina (Salento), Oria, Grottaglie, Otranto, Leuca a traveler is sure to find a particular charm and inspiration. 

In addition to the mainland coast there are lots of islands in the South of Italy. And for many visitors of the country island resorts are the most attractive. The island of Capri is located not far from the Bay of Naples, it used to be a favorite holiday destination even for the ancient Romans. And today you can rent a luxury villa in the city of Anacapri and enjoy the beaches and the sun. Next to the island of Capri there is a volcanic island of Ischia known for its healing thermal waters. And of course when it comes to holiday on the Italian islands, the island of Sicily should not be forgotten. 

Sicily is the largest island in Italy and therefore it is the most developed in respect of tourism. In the center of the island there is the city of Palermo, it is surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, so it has a unique microclimate and as many ancient cities of Italy it is famous for a lot of monuments of architecture and art. And spectacular scenic Catania located at the foot of Mount Etna – a vivid reminder of the devastating power of nature and, at the same time, a hymn to human capabilities to revive the beauty where there were ruins. 

Guests of the island cannot bypass charming Taormina – a town of music, art and postcard-perfect views. And what about Ragusa (Marina di Ragusa) as if revived from ancient times, contrasted in its incredibly beautiful monuments of architecture and, at the same time, being the focus of the active life of Sicily. As well as the town of Scicli that has preserved unique monuments of ancient Italy. 

Small towns of Sicily are filled with special pastoral charm – they are Marsala, Modica, Playa Grande, Sampieri, Donnalucata, Santa Croce Camerina, Aci Castello, Randazzo, Cava d’Aliga, Riposto, San Vito Lo Capo, Aspra, Bagheria and Acireale. Everything here – beaches, lifestyle, hospitality of local cafes and beautiful scenery - offers an exceptionally comfortable and pleasant stay.  

But for the discerning guests of Italy, especially those who love the special island atmosphere, the island of Sardinia would be really attractive, it is teeming with beautiful beaches, offers a wealth of activities and has a developed infrastructure for a carefree holiday. Comfortable villas in Sardinia can be rented in the cozy resort towns of Porto San Paolo, Cannigione, Lu Fraili and San Teodoro.