Seasons in Italy

As soon as you come to understand what is it that you want to get from your trip to Italy – it will immediately become clear what season is the best for your journey. You can arrange a beautiful Italian holiday for yourself in any month whenever you have vacations. Just planning a trip to Italy you should remember that here there is an unusually wide range of entertainment and tourist routes: this country is able to give great impressions to its guests all year round. 

Of course, if Italy is associated with walking along the narrow cobbled streets of old cities, admiring traditional terracotta roofs, visiting monuments of architecture and art and numerous museums, then it will be hard to think of something better than off-season – that is autumn and spring – for this purpose. 

You will not be able to see such flowering and fragrance of hills and valleys at any other time of the year but only in spring. So, you can enjoy delightful scenery along the shores of Lake Como and Lake Garda. Lovers of picturesque landscapes are particularly pleased with Italy in spring. 

Romantics will appreciate the bright colors of autumn and gourmets – generous gifts of Italian farmland. At this time of the year the summer flow of tourists – including both foreign travelers and locals – who arrive to spend their holidays in villas by the sea is finally waning; the prices of services become more pleasant and in general it is better and more comfortable to go sightseeing at an average air temperature. 

If you do not fancy a holiday without swimming in the gentle waters of the sea, enjoying the warm sun and running on hot sand, it will be the most natural to plan a trip to this country in summer. Exactly in this period prices for holiday apartments in Italy may be higher compared to off-season since many people rush to the sea and the demand for housing on the coast increases. 

But the desired portion of the heat and sun you can only get in summer. The peak of the summer season is in August: stone cities get a bit empty but at the same time beaches and coastal restaurants are filled to capacity. 

However, it is a mistake to think that summer is good for everyone - far from it. It would be strange for winter sport lovers to travel around Italy in summer. Downhill skiers and snowboarders will surely choose January or February. And they will have a great time if they can rent a house in Italy, not far from snowy mountain slopes. 

Lovers of event tourism are also likely to find winter season more attractive: New Year, Christmas, Epiphany and Venice Carnival – there are more than enough colorful events in Italy during monotonous winter days.