Festive days

Italy is a holiday in itself. It is the country of festivals, carnivals, street fairs and celebrations. No wonder that event tourism is so developed in Italy: the Carnival in Venice alone annually attracts more than half a million guests from different countries. During the carnival it is more difficult to rent a place to stay due to the large influx of travelers, so we advise you to choose an apartment or a villa in Italy in advance.

Some Italian holidays coincide with the dates of common for the Western world holidays. They are Christmas and New Year. Others have been borrowed from other countries: for instance, Halloween that is celebrated in many countries of the world following the USA tradition. Still others are truly Italian, with a local sense and local flair. For example, the national holiday of Epiphany.

Epiphany is celebrated on January 6 and symbolizes the birth of Jesus. Despite the fact that along with the rest of Europe the Italians celebrate Christmas on December 25, Epiphany is one of the most significant holidays in the country.

On January 6 Italian children wake up to find gifts from the main character of the holiday – Befana who is the prototype of Santa Claus and is usually portrayed as an old woman flying on a broomstick. On this day all the members of an Italian family will certainly take part in the large colorful street fairs and performances. And guests of the country would not mind to have fun, to buy traditional food and souvenirs. So, the Piazza Navona in Rome hosts a very popular street market on the day of Epiphany – the place is equally favored by both the Italians and tourists for holiday shopping.

The national holidays include Liberation day (April 25) – a memorial day which marks the liberation of Italy by Allied forces during World War II.

May Day (May 1) – in Italy it is not only Labor Day but also the day when different political parties can express their protest on the streets. The atmosphere at this is most friendly, it is more like a festive fair than a political rally. The culmination of the May Day in Italy is a traditional festive concert at the San Giovanni area in Rome where local and visiting stars perform.

On August 15 Ferragosto is celebrated in Italy. This is one of the most favorite holidays, along with New Year, Christmas and Easter. On this day of Assumption (Ascension) of the Virgin Mary celebrations are held across the country. And in popular resort areas festive parties are arranged.

An Italian carnival is very colorful and attractive for visitors of the country. Of course, this is the Carnival of Venice with its beautiful, astounding, exquisite masks that scatter around the world as souvenirs and vivid reminders of Italy. But carnivals in Ivrea, Viareggio, Fano, Putignano, Acireale and Rome are good reasons to book apartments in Italy for the time of these truly spectacular festivals.