Pattaya - Asian Riviera

Born in the 50s Asian Riviera is rapidly changing its image every ten years. Pattaya has had a makeover from the former fishing village and the village for sea salt production to the image of a modern city with a developed infrastructure and a network of adjacent roads. Thanks to the new highways the country's largest airport Suvarnabhumi and the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand have become closer for a few hours. Today the way from the airport to the nearest villa in modern Pattaya takes about an hour by car.

The opening of new international destinations in U-Tapao airport has also made the resort of Pattaya closer. Half an hour on the highway and you are in a design hotel, an apartment or a private villa immersed in a tropical landscape. And after the flight you inhale tropical warm air, plunging into the private swimming pool.

Beaches of the resort are framing sandy shores with sea patterns of caressing and warm Gulf of Thailand on the one hand and urban landscapes on the other. Along the entire length of the coast of Pattaya there are beaches strewn with pearls of luxury apartments named in honor of those who participated in the development of the resort, and there is a long thread of the city beach with beads of the hotels with world-famous names and where the best viewpoints with bars are located, also there are bright beads of shopping centers of the resort and the famous pedestrian street where the Pattaya Bay ends resting on the Royal Hill of Pratumnak.

The diamond of the hill is one of the residences of the Royal Princess of Thailand in the frame of truly luxurious hotels, apartments and villas. Here there is a special atmosphere of solitude and silence. Not only the villas of Pratumnak Hill are famous for the privacy of this area, but closed for a layman Royal Varuna Yacht Club as well, located in a small secluded bay of the Royal Hill.

Over the hill to the east slim and sporty Jomtien Beach all year round gathers novice windsurfers, beach volleyball fans and fans to measure their tan against others. The rapid growth of the "sportsman" forced it to absorb the beaches of Na Jomtien, Ban Amphoe and include the beach in Bang Saray.

Ocean Marina Yacht Club became the heart of extending Jomtien which attracts visitors by the annual international yachting events and the possibility of chartering a ship. Here you can stay for a few days in a boutique hotel or in a luxurious room of the residence of the largest in South-East Asia port for private ships and use the extensive list of the offered services associated with boat trips. And, of course, to dream watching out of the window of your room at the residence of the port for the departure and arrival of boats.

Water parks, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, the cultural and ethnographic park "Real Thailand" and new luxurious villas of Thailand not far from the vineyards, Silver Lake and a little village of Padaung tribe (long neck women) become new decorations to the beautiful scenery of Jomtien.

With the popularization of the resort of Pattaya among residents of Thailand a lot of gourmet restaurants with great Thai and European cuisine were opened here, restaurants where they serve seafood highlighted with Thai spicy sauces.

Pattaya is a future metropolis that never sleeps. The proximity to the airports and tourist attractions makes Pattaya a popular resort year after year for travelers from around the world. Whether it is a retreat to luxurious villas or a holiday for lovers of family parties in private villas with swimming pools or for dreamers, for whom the view of the port with yachts and islands in the Gulf of Thailand from a multi-story luxurious residence is important.