Tales of Krabi. Caves of swords.

In the old days, when the people of the southern seas went in search of the Golden Land, in deep caves of one of the twelve coastal towns two enchanted swords were hidden. To this day, pilgrims on iron birds from around the world flock to this land in search of the very cave or the island or maybe just in search of simple human happiness.

On the way from the airport to a luxury villa in Krabi from limousine windows you can see tropical landscapes combined with oil palm plantations. Just 15 kilometers from the airport there is a valley filled with hot springs and colored lakes - treasures of Krabi tropical rain forest - and small roadside signs whisper their suggestions to you, calling out to attract you to the hotels for a relaxing massage. The offer sounds tempting, because after a long flight you really want to get into a hot bath of natural springs. Yet we are on the way to the main goal of the day - that is to go straight to the villa with a panoramic view of the coastline of one of the most beautiful provinces of Thailand. And to swim in the pool at the luxury villa located on the hills between the Trang and the Palian rivers.

Having a sip of appeasement from a holiday cup, on the second day you will get an unquenchable desire to touch the treasures of the Kingdom and discover the secret of the wise life of local people. To explore the capital of the province of Krabi - the town has the same name - and the resort town of Ao Nang you just go down to the foot of the karst mountains. Here, among the lush tropical greenery there are private houses and small villas of Thailand hidden from the prying eyes. On their terraces to the breathing sounds of the jungle travelers enjoy the aroma of their morning coffee and the singing of exotic birds before going to the sea.

Cheerful and friendly Ao Nang Beach from sunrise to sunset invites you to boat trips to its legendary family located nearby - to the beaches of Railay Peninsula or the beaches of Phi Phi Islands. Shimmering under the tropical sun islands that look like diamonds in the frame of the Andaman Sea - this is one of the best views from the luxury villas of Lanta Island. There on the secluded sandy beaches of the largest island in Krabi you can watch the work of local fishermen, descendants of sea gypsies.

Here, in these parts, where the endless natural treasures are open for everyone: the whitest sand beaches, turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, coral reefs, more than a hundred pearl islands, caves and waterfalls with emerald water, a fantastic reality of Southern Thailand in Krabi begins.